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What is certified SMS?

An email can be certified by a certification service provider, who guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the communication. This system provides security, efficiency, and savings for a company. It's also a legally secure way to communicate, with validity against possible legal proceedings.

SMS as reliable evidence

Our SMS solution allows us to certify when an SMS and attached documents have been delivered, read, and downloaded. Signaturit will generate a proof document to show how the end user has interacted with the SMS.

How to send a certified SMS

In a few minutes
Integrate it via our API

Set up the shipment

Write the name and phone number of the recipient, the message, and attach a document to send.

Recipient receives SMS

The client or employee receives an SMS in seconds on their mobile phone.

Recipient opens SMS

The recipient opens the SMS and downloads the attached document, if there is one. The issuer receives a document of proof of the entire process.

Integrate Signaturit into your software through our API, and send certified SMSs without changing tools.

"With Signaturit, we can send certified emails quickly and easily, at a lower cost than the traditional system."

Ricardo Torres

Partner of [A]CODE Abogados

Ricardo T.


Reliable: secure your communications

Fast: send instantly

Economical: eliminate
postage costs

Streamline: simplify
preparation and distribution

Ecological: reduce
paper consumption

Forget about paper methods and start
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