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Digitise your sales and deals with all the legal guarantees

At Signaturit Group, we offer personalized solutions for all types of businesses seeking to enhance the use of digital transaction services. From small and medium-sized enterprises to large international corporations, Signaturit Group ensures that their documents are secure and protected, ensuring compliance with European regulations such as the GDPR directive and EIDAS standards.


More than 245 thousand companies already trust us

We have worked for years with market leaders such as AXA Assurance and Sage in France, as well as with Iberia and Al Campo in Spain, while also providing a variety of services to technology companies, business schools, retail services, construction firms, and others.


68% of the commercial contracts sent with Signaturit are signed on the same day

Signaturit Group

Close deals faster and enhance the experience for your customers and suppliers by partnering with a single supplier

Improve the recruitment experience

Shorten your sales cycle to just one day, enabling your customers to digitally identify themselves and sign any commercial contract more quickly and easily. By using Signaturit Group’s solutions, you not only optimize response times and shorten the sales cycle but also provide your clients with an exceptionally effective experience. Moreover, by reducing the complexity and duration of the sales process, you increase the likelihood of successful closures, enhancing customer satisfaction and establishing a competitive advantage in the market. Allowing your clients to perform digital identifications and sign contracts swiftly not only boosts internal efficiency but also strengthens the relationship with your clients by offering them modern and future-oriented solutions.

Boost efficiency

Imagine the possibility of freeing your team from repetitive and administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic and higher-value activities for your company. By optimizing contract management with our technology, you not only save time but also enhance precision and consistency throughout the entire process. Additionally, automation not only positively impacts efficiency but also contributes to reducing human errors and improving the traceability of each transaction. This reinforces the reliability of your internal processes and establishes a solid foundation for the growth and ongoing success of your company.

Compliant with regulatory requirements

Ensure maximum legality and security by digitally storing all your documentation, providing you with complete guarantees against errors and losses. Our storage platform offers a highly secure and reliable environment to safeguard your essential documents, complying with the highest legal standards and security regulations. Digitalization not only allows easy access to your files at any time and from anywhere but also minimizes the risks associated with the physical handling of documents, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of your information. By opting for this advanced solution, you not only optimize operational efficiency but also benefit from effective document management that supports regulatory and legal compliance, thereby establishing a solid foundation for the protection and ongoing success of your company.


Easy integration with your purchasing software

Our solution stands out for its easy integration with your existing business software. With a focus on simplicity and compatibility, our tool seamlessly adapts to your current systems, ensuring a hassle-free implementation. This seamless integration allows your company to fully leverage our features, improving operational efficiency and providing a cohesive and uninterrupted user experience.

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