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Automation of labour management processes

Streamline the entire recruitment process, from hiring to retirement, by integrating electronic signatures and certified email into your communications with employees. 

Promptness and effectiveness in the signing of employment documents

Facilitate a seamless experience for your employees to sign any work-related document digitally from anywhere, eliminating the need for paper and the hassle of retrieving signed documents. 

Manage your digital certificates securely in the cloud, without the need for installations, and with comprehensive control and auditing capabilities. 


Superior legal protection and data protection

Ensure increased legal protection in case of disputes and minimise the risk of unauthorised access to personal data by individuals outside your department. 

And manage social security notifications on a single platform so that none are forgotten. 

Actual Data

In human resources departments 76% of the contracts sent with Signaturit are signed the same day.


Legality: digital signature on employment contracts

Is it legal to sign an employment contract online?

The electronic signature is legal in Spain and in the European Union. It can be used to sign any type of contract in which no specific form requirement is established. In the case of the digital signature of employment contracts and other HR documents, there are no restrictions preventing its use. A digitally signed employment contract has full legal validity.


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