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Google Docs

Send your contracts to be signed directly from Google Docs

With this add-on, you will be able to prepare your contracts in Google Docs and legally and securely send them directly from the application, without having to enter the Signaturit platform. And recipients will be able to digitally sign the documents you send them, anytime, anywhere. This solution allows any professional to save time and be more productive. This add-on also works for Google Sheets.

Solution: Advanced biometric signature

The add-on allows you to send documents to be signed using Signaturit’s advanced biometric signature. With this solution, the recipient receives the signature request by email and signs the document by drawing their signature from any device, without downloading an app or registering with Signaturit.  The process is completely legal, ensures the integrity of the signed document, and unequivocally identifies the signatory.


· Multi-signatory

· Sequential signature flow

· Email customisation

Use cases

Any contract or document.


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No additional cost.

Included in Business, Business + and Enterprise licenses