E-Stamp Certificate

Stamp your documents identifying your company or organization

The electronic seal certificate issued by Ivnosys Solutions is the perfect solution for legal entities to identify themselves and create electronic seals without relying on a representative. At Signaturit Group, we offer this type of qualified certificates to optimize your online processes.


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What is the Signaturit Group E-Stamp Certificate?

The E-Stamp Certificate allows legal entities to validate their identity and electronically sign documents with no representative. This qualified certificate is ideal for automated processes, such as the generation of receipts or invoices.

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Prime Uses of the E-Stamp Certificate

The E-Stamp Certificate is used where signature and authentication are required in automated processes, including:

  • Creation of receipts
  • Issuance of electronic invoices
  • Document automation processes

Advantages of the E-Stamp Certificate

The E-Stamp Certificate brings to the table several advantages, including:

  • Identification and signature with no representative.
  • Authentication in automated processes.
  • Guarantee of integrity and authenticity of signed documents.

Frequent applications of the E-Stamp Certificate

The E-Stamp Certificate is used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Automated invoice workflows.
  • Issuance of electronic receipts.
  • Signing legal documents without a representative.

Security of the E-Stamp Certificate

The E-Stamp Certificate’s private key can be safeguarded through escrowing, bolstering the authenticity and unadulterated nature of the documents signed. This feature makes it a trusted and secure asset for your business operations.

Get your E-Stamp Certificate with Signaturit Group

At Signaturit Group, we offer you the possibility of obtaining your qualified E-Stamp Certificate to simplify your online processes. Our solution guarantees the authenticity and legal validity of your electronic signatures with no representative. Contact us for more information on this valuable tool.