Types of electronic signatures

Simple e-signature: Streamline your online procedures

A simple electronic signature is a type of digital signature that captures consent for a digital transaction at the click of a button. It offers a swift and user-friendly solution with no digital certificate.

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What is Signaturit Group's simple electronic signature?

Signaturit Group’s simple electronic signature is a secure and reliable solution that enables effortless and rapid document signing at the click of a button. 

With this signature, users can sign documents directly from their device, eliminating the need for software installation or registration in any application. 

Simple digital signature: Suitable for companies and individuals

Our simple electronic signature is perfectly suited for quickly and easily obtaining acceptance of low-risk legal documents from both companies and individuals. 


Which documents can you sign with our simple electronic signature?

Use our simple electronic signature to sign electronic documents with little legal risk to the company, including: 

  • Deliveries of materials 
  • Inventories 
  • Approval of holidays 
  • General terms and conditions of use 
  • Procurement of supplies 



Advantages of our simple electronic signature

Probatory Value

The simple electronic signature has full legal effect and is admissible as evidence in court, although, in the event of rejection, the burden of proof must be borne by the party claiming the validity of the signature.


Our simple electronic signature employs top-tier encryption methods to ensure the integrity of the signed documents. 

Ease of use

Our simple electronic signature is user-friendly. You can sign documents from any device at the click of a button without the need to install any software.

Time and cost savings

Streamline your online processes with our simple electronic signature to achieve both time and cost savings. 

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