The Digital Signature and Trust Solutions

Signaturit Group is recognized in the Forrester report: The Digital Signature and Trust Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024

The Signaturit Group is proud to be named in this report which provides an overview of 11 technology providers and their size and market focus.

The Forrester report: The Digital Signature and Trust Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024 identifies and analyzes notable vendors in this market.

Security leaders can use this report to understand the value they can expect from a digital signature and trust offering and to explore potential partners.

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Core use cases for this market

Forrester has identified the following core use cases for this market:

  • Advanced e-signature (AES).
  • Digital Onboarding.
  • Remote ID proofing.
  • Contractual Consent Management.

These are the use cases that buyers most frequently seek and that they expect from digital signature and trust solutions vendors.

Beyond these core use cases

Beyond these core use cases, buyers often look for vendors that focus on certain extended use cases. We have identified the following use cases as extended:

  • Qualified e-signature (QES).
  • Know your customer (KYC).
  • Certified timestamps.
  • Contract analysis/summarisation.
  • Remote notarisation.

Some buyers look to address these use cases in addition to the core ones, but digital signature and trust solutions may less commonly address them.

Our clients

Companies who trust Signaturit Group

"Implementing the tool has been very simple, very easy, and all our lawyers have quickly adapted to the electronic platform without any difficulties".

Ricardo Torres

Partner of [A]CODE Abogados

"Signaturit is a key component of our registration process. We can verify IDs and employ electronic signatures, helping us to provide a totally digital experience for the client."

Iker de los Ríos

Managing Director of Lending at Fintonic

"Idealista is now able to shorten deadlines and make processes more secure, thanks to Signaturit allowing for the required legal documentation for processing the mortgage application to be signed electronically."

Juan Villen

CEO at Idealista

Because of the nature of our activity, we have many establishments in different locations. So, in order to be efficient, we could not continue working with paper. We had to switch over to a digital method.

Jonathan Chamorro

Head of HR Administration at Taco Bell