External Registration Authority

Simplify your Electronic Certificate Requests with Signaturit Group.

Obtain electronic certificates issued by one of our trusted service providers, Ivnosys Solutions, efficiently and securely with our External Registration Authorities application. Make requests, verify identities and centralize the lifecycle management of your certificates in one place.


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What is the External Registration Authority?

Our External Registration Authority is an innovative application that streamlines the electronic certificate request and issuance process. With a user-friendly interface, we present a holistic solution that enables the efficient and secure acquisition of various certificate types.


How can our External Registration Authority help you?

Effortless Requests

Submit your electronic certificate applications swiftly from our platform.

Identity Verification

Choose between On-site Verification Point and Remote Video Identification. We adapt to you.

Diverse Certificate Offerings

From Citizen Certificates to Entity Seal Certificates, we cater to diverse needs.

Unified Document Management

Centralise all your applications and documents for seamless management.

Available Certificate Types

Our platform caters to a variety of certification needs, including:

  • Citizens certificates
  • Employee certificates
  • Proxy certificates for interactions with public authorities
  • General proxies certificates
  • Special proxies certificates
  • Entity seal certificates
  • Public employee certificates


Why partner with us?

Unwavering Security

Rest assured your data and certificates remain protected.

Efficiency Unmatched

Expedite the process for obtaining electronic certificates.

Centralised Document Hub

Bid farewell to misplaced documents; consolidate everything within our platform.

Tailored Identification Modes

Choose between On-site Verification Point or Remote Video Identification based on your preferences.

Dedicated Support

Our seasoned professionals are ready to help you every step of the way.


Regulatory compliance for all trust services

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