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Signaturit Group Recognized as the Digital Signature Leader in the Insurance Brokerage Sector

Signaturit proudly stands as the preferred digital signature provider among insurance brokers, according to the prestigious ADECOSE Barometer by the Spanish Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers.  

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Dematerialization of all your processes

Digitize and optimize your onboarding processes with Signaturit Group, ensuring efficiency and heightened security from identification to document preservation. Our solutions seamlessly integrate into your workflow, streamlining processes like signing NDAs or employment contracts with speed, fluidity, and security.

Improved customer experience with electronic insurance contracts

With rapid, simple, and intuitive signature processes, Signaturit Group redefines customer engagement, delivering not just convenience but paramount trust and confidentiality in the digital era.

  Simplify internal processes

Our versatile solutions empower your teams to seamlessly send and receive signed documents, adhering to diverse validation paths. We foster flexibility and agility, becoming the catalyst for organizational optimization. Signaturit Group helps you enhance productivity, elevating the overall work experience for your valued staff.

Risk reduction

Benefit from our innovative video recognition technology to accurately identify remote interactions, providing certainty of identity and the confidence to issue necessary certificates. This trustworthy service not only optimizes efficiency in identity verification but also significantly reduces the risk of identity theft.

Legal and evidentiary value

Proactively mitigate potential legal risks by ensuring robust evidence for critical transactions, going beyond signature levels with on-demand document evidence custody services. Our comprehensive approach aligns seamlessly with GDPR requirements, fortifying legal defenses and demonstrating commitment to compliance and transparency.


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