Signaturit Solutions, Trust Service Provider

What is a Trusted Service Provider (TSP)?

The 2016 European eIDAS regulation created the status of Trusted Service Provider (TSP), offering services recognized throughout the euro zone. It is also Article 3 of this regulation that defines the notion of TSP, which is “a natural or legal person who provides one or more trust services, as a qualified or unqualified Trust Service Provider”.

To be a qualified TSP, you need to provide qualified trust services and obtain this status from a supervisory body.

Signaturit Solutions, a Trusted Service Provider

Signaturit is recognized as a qualified electronic trust service provider by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

We are qualified providers of trust services in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation and carry the EU seal of trust.

Why Signaturit Solutions?

Our commitment

Signaturit Solutions provides you with the highest level of security for electronic signature and time stamping.

Signaturit Solutions’s role as a Trusted Service Provider is also to provide all security guarantees, particularly legal ones, in order to offer electronic signature services conferring probative value on signed documents. 

Signaturit Solutions as a tool

Signaturit Solutions develops a web-based electronic signature application, easy to use, and still offering the highest level of security.

You can also integrate your electronic signature process to your business applications, thanks to a wide range of API, to grant non-disruption in the transaction process.  

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