Electronic signature solution for salesforce

The first native Salesforce integration by a European provider.

Signaturit for Salesforce delivers the simplest and most secure native integration available. Digitally sign documents in Salesforce swiftly and safely, with no coding required. Experience the benefits of Signaturit’s native Salesforce integration, which includes user-friendly functionality, robust security and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Digitally sign your contracts right away without exiting Salesforce

Enhance your business operations and boost productivity with Signaturit’s Salesforce integration.

Streamlined operations

Digitally sign your documents with greater efficiency and ease.

Speed up your sales cycles

Sign proposals, sales agreements or distribution contracts online, anytime, anywhere.

Code-free Native Integration

Operate directly from your Salesforce dashboard across all versions, from document creation to final signature.

Robust biometric signature security

Sign from any device. No additional software is required. Guarantee legal compliance and data protection while offering the best user experience.

Transaction traceability

Keep track of all signature transactions.


Regulatory compliance for all trust services

Electronic signature in Salesforce

How do you digitally sign a contract in Salesforce?

Step 1

Connect and install the Salesforce plugin

Follow our user guide to connect both tools without code. If you’re new to Signaturit, test it with our 7-day free trial.

Step 2

Initiate signature request and upload documents

Launch from our wizard or any Salesforce object, be it standard or custom. Upload up to 15 multi-page documents from your device, your Signaturit account or directly from your Salesforce dashboard.

Step 3

Add signatories and customise the process

Include up to 40 signatories per request, be they external parties or Salesforce contacts. Tailor the notification email, decide on reminder settings and choose between sequential or parallel signing processes.

Step 4

Ready, Set, Sign!

Dispatch and monitor the status of your signature requests in real time. Signatories will receive an email prompting them to open and sign the document using a biometric signature, accessible from any device with no additional apps needed.

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