Electronic Time Stamping by Signaturit

Ensuring Integrity and Time Accuracy

Electronic time stamping is essential to ensure the integrity and security of your digital documents as well as the validity and longevity of electronic signatures. At Signaturit Group, we offer this service through our service provider Ivnosys Soluciones, as a fundamental measure to protect your documents and generate electronic evidence.

What is Signaturit Electronic Time Stamping?

Electronic Time Stamping, often called timestamping, serves to prove the existence of data at a precise moment, confirming its unaltered state since that point. It is a cornerstone for electronic signature security.

Frequently asked questions

The Significance of Electronic Time Stamping

Electronic Time Stamping is crucial to:

  • Ensure the integrity of the electronic signature.
  • Record the exact date and time of signature.
  • Furnish indisputable proof of data authenticity.

Where and when can it be useful?

Electronic Time Stamping is essential in situations such as:

  • E-commerce transactions
  • Formalising service contracts
  • Procedures with the Public Administration
  • Prevention of penalties for missed deadlines
  • Legal disputes for non-payment

Who Issues the Electronic Time Stamp?

The Electronic Time Stamp must be issued by a Time Stamp Authority (TSA by Ivnosys) – a neutral and trusted entity that delivers legally recognised time stamps.

Electronic Time Stamping with Signaturit Ivnosys

Ivnosys by Signaturit Group is proud to offer a certified Electronic Time Stamping service, fortifying the security and legal standing of your digital documentation. As a Qualified Trusted Service Provider, our operations resonate with the European eIDAS 910/2014 standards. Protect your documents with our Electronic Time Stamping solution.

How to Obtain Electronic Time Stamping?

Obtaining Electronic Time Stamping is simple:

Upon signing a document, request a timestamp from the TSA by Ivnosys.

The TSA by Ivnosys furnishes a timestamp, encapsulating the hash, exact timestamp details (date and time) and electronic signature particulars.

The TSA by Ivnosys will store all issued seals for future reference, ensuring the integrity of electronic evidence.


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