Ivnosys, Trust Service Provider

Ivnosys is a Qualified Trust Service Provider. As such, Ivnosys guarantees compliant, secure and fair digital transactions.

Ivnosys is your Trust Partner to

Protect your company’s digital identity

  • By issuing qualified certificates of signature and of seals which accredit the identity of individuals, his/her attributes and/or companies with full legal validity 
  • Centrally manage the digital certificates, from any place or device, in order to prevent the dispersion and loss of control of information through our IvSign platform. 


  • Sign your digital transactions with full confidence, and at your fingertips. Simple, Advanced and Qualified signatures (per the eIDAS definition) are available through our IvCert platforme 


  • Securely manage the Public Administration notifications, through 9,000 websites synchronized with our IvNeos platform.  

Store and Manage

  • Store and manage your transactions, for probatory purposes and compliance with your markets’ regulations.  

Ivnosys partners with the largest sectors leaders, to help them digitize their most complex processes, legally derisk the transactions, and drive more revenue. With operations based in Spain, Ivnosys remains on top of all the most demanding European and Spanish regulations, Our teams of experts is answering almost real time to our customers and are here to help you make the most of your investment.

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