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Certified SMS: Digitise your certified communications

Ensure your messages and documents reach your customers or employees in a reliable manner.

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What is a certified SMS?

A certified SMS is verified by a certificate service provider, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of messages.

This not only enhances the security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for companies, but it also ensures that the communication is legally sound, carrying evidentiary value in potential legal proceedings.

SMS messages as a reliable proof

Validate the delivery of the SMS and its content with our certified SMS solution.

Signaturit Group creates a document with all the essential evidence, verifying that the recipient has received and viewed the message. 

How to send a certified SMS

In a few minutes

Set up the shipment

Enter the recipient’s name and telephone number, the message and attach a document, if applicable.

Recipient receives SMS

The recipient will receive the SMS on their mobile phone within seconds.

Recipient opens SMS

The recipient opens the SMS and downloads the attachment, if any. The issuer will receive the document evidencing the entire process.


Advantages of our certified SMS solution


Ensures the security of your communications.


Delivers communications instantly.

Cost saving

Eliminate postage costs.


Simplify preparation and distribution.


Reduce paper consumption.


Regulatory compliance for all trust services

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