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Integrate Signaturit into your software or product in order to provide added value to your customers. Set yourself apart from the competition with a leading product.

Integrate and distribute a first-class technological solution, generating additional business with a leading service that sets you apart.

Recommend Signaturit to your contacts or customers to help them digitize all their signature processes.

Offer your customers unique terms for the purchase of a first-class technological solution to digitize their signature processes.

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Generate more business

Earn commission by offering your clients access to the #1 trust service provider, and widen your audience with our co-marketing program.

Increase your business value

Offer your clients secure and legal trust services to:

Immediately close online sales

Help save them time and costs

Reduce their environmental impact

Setup your integration in minutes

Integrate our tool directly into software with our API.

Sandbox for free, unlimited testing

SDKs in 7 languages

Personalised dashboard

Developer documentation

Dedicated IT and tech support team

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HR: personnel and talent

Integral business management

Accounting, financial, and tax

Commercial and sales

Real estate

Customer communications

Educational organisations

Other specific solutions

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