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Because we help you generate more profit per project

Optimize your clients’ workflows with our digital signature and trust solutions. We offer tailor-made, state-of-the art digital signatures easily integrated into your apps and products. We help you enhance your profit margins and elevate both client experience and productivity, while protecting your privacy with our own cloud storage services.  

Signaturit Group represents:  

  • The biggest digital identity and trust solutions group in Europe 
  • Total control over our cryptology methods and our keys 
  • Solutions created in-house, without subcontracting our cryptology to third parties 
  • The group with the most certificates in the world (7 certifications) 
  • Data hosting and servers in Europe  


We provide secure and efficient solutions that slash costs and processing time. Introducing these services to your clients not only saves them valuable time and resources, but also enhances their satisfaction, enabling them to centre on their core business. 

Improve your value proposition

  • In today’s competitive business landscape, it is crucial to continually improve and differentiate your services. Signaturit empowers you to reduce costs and enhance your brand image by providing secure and efficient solutions that streamline processes. Stand out from the competition by offering top-tier services that guarantee unparalleled value and efficiency for your clients. Additionally, embrace sustainability by transitioning to a paperless approach, not only minimizing costs but also significantly reducing your environmental footprint. Elevate your business to new heights with Signaturit’s innovative tools, ensuring a seamless and sustainable path towards success. 
    • Reduce your costs and improve your brand image.  
    • Use secure and efficient solutions that make processes faster and easier.  
    • Differentiate yourself from competitors by offering these top-tier services, ensuring you provide unparalleled value and efficiency to your clientèle.  
    • Emerge as the preferred provider, delivering services that surpass client expectations.  
    • Embrace sustainability by transitioning to a paperless approach, significantly minimising your environmental footprint. 

Our API makes integration very easy

We understand the importance of simplicity when it comes to incorporating trusted services into your software or client’s platforms. Our API is designed to make integration exceptionally easy, allowing you to seamlessly embed our services within websites, CRMs, or ERPs. Whether you are a developer looking for a straightforward integration process or a business aiming to enhance your offerings, our API provides the flexibility and reliability you need. Experience a hassle-free integration that ensures your clients benefit from our trusted services without any complications. Elevate your software or platform to new heights with our user-friendly and efficient API integration. 

  • Sandbox for unlimited free testing.  
  • SDKs in 7 languages.  
  • Specific dashboard.  
  • Documentation for developers.  
  • IT and support team available to facilitate integration.  
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Becoming a Signaturit Group Partner comes with a wealth of benefits designed to empower your success and amplify your client offerings. From the onset, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a smooth partnership experience. A Dedicated Partner Account Executive is assigned to collaboratively define and launch the project, while a Partner Account Manager is there to foster the growth of the partnership over time. We provide unparalleled support during the integration process, with Level 2 support available to deliver the best service to your customers. 

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Our Partner types


Benefits of being a Signaturit Group Partner

Dedicated Team

  • Dedicated Partner Account Executive to define the project and launch the partnership.
  • Dedicated Partner Account Manager to grow the partnership.
  • Support during integration.
  • Level 2 support to give the best service to your customers.

Sales Support

  • Special prices.
  • Onboarding kit with all the information to start the collaboration.
  • Access to an account to give demos to your customers and prospects.
  • Product resources: commercial arguments, presentations, videos, etc.
  • Technical and commercial training for your team.

Marketing and communication

  • Resources available to the partner to communicate the collaboration agreement.
  • Co-marketing actions to encourage demand generation and increase sales: webinars, infographics, social networks, etc.

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