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Types of Signaturit partners

Integrate Signaturit into your software or product to offer more added value to your customers, across all your solutions.

As a Signaturit reseller, you will be able to generate more business by offering your clients a first-rate technological solution.

Implement Signaturit in your clients' business processes, adapting our tools to their existing processes.

Offer Signaturit to your contacts or clients to help them improve all their signing processes.

Why partner with us?

You will get more benefits per project

You will increase the profit margin per project, as you will be able to complete your product portfolio with a qualified trust service provider recognized throughout Europe.

Furthermore, we will carry out joint marketing actions to enhance our presence on the market.

You will increase the value of your proposal

Your clients will have safe and legal trust services that will allow them to:

immediately close online sales.

reduce resources dedicated to managing and monitoring contracts.

improve their environmental commitment by foregoing paper.

Integration is a snap with our API

Integrate our trust services directly into your software or on your client’s website, CRM, or ERP.

Sandbox for free, unlimited testing

SDKs in 7 languages.

Specific dashboard

Developer documentation

Available IT and tech support team to facilitate integration.

"By incorporating Signaturit, we can digitize processes that, until now, they were only online, improving their efficiency, time, and management costs and increasing user satisfaction and experience."

José Luis Molina

Partner and Project Director of OMEGA CRM

José Luis M.

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What solutions do our partners offer?

HR management: personnel and talent

Integral business management

Accounting, financial, and tax management

Commercial and sales team management

Real estate company management

Customer communication management

Educational institution management

Other specific solutions by business vertical

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