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For professionals

Save 20% with annual payments


Per user per month.
€450 per user per year.



Per user per month.
€360 per user per year.
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Plan Business:

  • Advanced electronic signature with biometrics. 60 shipments per year.
  • Notifications and reminders. To send the signer automatically.
  • Customizable fields.
  • 3 templates.
  • Attach documents. Allows you to attach any document in the signing process.
  • Email support.
  • Work teams.


For SMEs and growing companies

Save 20% with annual payments


Per user per month.
€750 per user per year.



Per user per month.
€600 per user per year.
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Plan Business, plus:

  • Advanced signature with digital certificate. 240 shipments per year. With digital certificate issued by third parties.
  • Certified email. 240 shipments per year.
  • Batch submissions. Send a document to be signed by many people at the same time.
  • Work teams
  • Brand customization. Include your company logo in shipments.
  • 240 shipments per year. Equivalent to 240 credits, for any type of signature.
  • 5 templates.
  • Integration with Zapier.


For corporations and large organisations

For companies that need
more control and additional support.

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Plan Business+, plus:

  • API Integration. With any CRM or ERP.
  • Personalized volume of signatures and certified email.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Integration with Salesforce. We have integrating partners, in case you need it.
  • Other integrations. With SAP, Sage, Meta4 or with any other software.
  • 24/7 dedicated support. We resolve any query or incident at any time.

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Plan comparison





Advanced electronic signature with biometrics

60 shipments per year
240 shipments per year
Custom volume

Advanced electronic signature with digital certificate (issued by third parties)

240 shipments per year
Custom volume

Simple electronic signature

Custom volume
Custom volume

Validation by SMS

Custom volume
Custom volume
Custom volume

Notifications and reminders for the signer

Customizable fields to gather information

Option to attach documents in the signing process

Maximum No. of templates

Request an estimate

Certified email

240 shipments per year
Custom volume

Sending documents to be signed in batches (various documents at once)

Certification of documents or files

Custom volume
Custom volume

Account customization (brand image)

Work teams

Advanced analytics of submissions

Integration with Zapier

Not applicable

API Integration

Integration with Salesforce

Other integrations


By email
By email
24/7 dedicated support


What is a shipment?

1 shipment equals 1 document in any signing process. Sometimes we use the term "credits" to talk about shipments. That is, 1 shipment and 1 credit is the same.

What is a user?

The user is the person who registers (or signs up) with Signaturit to send documents for signing through our platform. With the Business+ plan, you can create work teams with several users.

Are electronic signatures legal?

Yes. The Regulation governing electronic signatures in the European Union is eIDAS (EU Regulation 910/2014). At Signaturit, we comply with the eIDAS and our company is recognized as a qualified electronic trust service provider by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. We also have the EU seal of trust.

How many shipments are used up in one submission?

Submitting 1 document uses up one credit. If, for example, 5 documents are sent for signing, 5 credits are used up.

Do the signers have to be registered in order to sign?

No. Nor do they need any additional app to do it. The signer will receive an email that he or she will only have to open in order to have access to the document to be signed. And it can be signed from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

What is the difference between simple and advanced signatures?

On a practical level, the simple signature is usually employed by checking a box or entering a PIN or OTP code to request a signature on a document. For example, to accept the terms and conditions on a website. This signature cannot uniquely identify the signer. Conversely, advanced electronic signatures do allow for the signer to be uniquely identified.

At Signaturit, we offer two types of advanced signatures: biometrics (written signatures) and signatures with digital certificates issued by third parties. Regarding legality, both types of signatures are legal, but advanced signatures offer greater legal guarantees than simple signatures, precisely because of the fact that they can uniquely identify the signer.

How many documents can I send to be signed?

It depends on the plan you choose: the Business plan includes 60 submissions per year and the Business + plan includes 240 submissions per year. The Enterprise plan offers the submission of an unlimited volume of documents to sign.

If there is more than one signer, what is the default way of signing?

If there are 2 or more signers, the signature process is sequential, by default. In other words, the second signer will only receive the document to be signed once the first signer has completed the process, and so on. The order of the signers is established in the submission process. You will see how it works if you do a free trial ;)

Can I change my plan?

Yes. You can do your free trial with the plan you want, and then switch plans. You can do it easily from within the platform, in your management panel.

What is the batch submission?

This feature allows you to send a document to be signed to many people at the same time. Each signer will receive his or her document to sign in their email.