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The paperless office is a goal that more and more companies are aiming for. But beyond the obvious cost savings and the contribution to reducing a company’s environmental impact,  going paperless has other advantages some companies are still not aware of.

In this post we review the main advantages of digitizing documents and becoming a paperless office.

What are the main advantages of paperless companies?

Why should companies eliminate the use of paper, beyond the fact that it benefits the environment and can represent savings costs that sometimes are difficult to quantify?

1. A paperless office is more efficient in document management

Digital document management systems are faster and more agile than managing files on paper:

  • When using a digital document management system, you save time in searching for documents.
  • Information is more accessible to all employees.
  • At the same time, it is easier to restrict access to confidential documents.
  • Digital documents can be accessed remotely, from anywhere, allowing your employees to work remotely.
  • Having digital files improves documents’ history: it is easier to trace the origin of digital documents, and to know when and who changed them the last time.

2. Greater document security

The security of the information stored in digital format is much greater than the security of the documents that are filed in paper.

In addition to the fact that it’s easier to restrict the access to confidential information stored in digital format, it is also easier and less expensive to make backups, so that if files get lost or a data theft occurs, it’s possible (and much easier) to retrieve the information.

Meanwhile, documents  on paper are much more exposed to accidents – leaks, floods, fires – and is much more easily accessible to third parties.


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3. Less overhead costs

Digitizing documents has a direct impact on cost reduction. Not only because companies don’t need to buy as much paper as before, but because it also saves on maintaining  printers and purchasing  spare parts.

On the other hand, if all of a company’s documents are digitized and can be sent by email, there is no need to spend on mailings anymore.

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4. Less space dedicated to file storage

Freeing the space dedicated to filing physical documents is also one of the main advantages of a paperless office. A digital document management system allows companies to archive everything in the cloud or on private company servers.

The space that is saved can be dedicated to expanding offices or other uses that bring more value to employees, such as a rest area to socialize with colleagues.


All of these advantages are driving more and more companies to eliminate the use of paper in all its business processes.

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