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Electronic signatures with full legal validity for all departments.

  • Send


    Now you can send documents to sign directly from your email without needing to install any applications.

  • Sign


    The people who have to sign a document will receive an email to access the document and sign it

  • Manage


    Monitor the status of the signature requests, maintain all documents organized and access it quickly.

Send documents quickly

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Send contracts to sign directly from your email account or control panel

    The signature process has never been easier!

  • One or multiple signatures

    One or several signatures

    It doesn´t matter how many people have to sign a contract. Now, you only have to
    add the extension
    to the signers´ email addresses.

  • Easy to use

    Avoid repetitive tasks

    Be more efficient when you have to send the same type of contract to each new client, provider or employee

    Create your own templates

Sign anytime, any place

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    Intuitive and legal signatures

    The user can sign the document in less than 30 seconds quickly and intuitively, without needing to be registered in Signaturit.

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    From any device

    The signatures can be done from any device (computer, tablet or smartphone) with Internet access and a browser.

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    Full legal validity

    Signaturit´s electronic signatures are certified, generating an audit trail with an official time stamp.


Management and traceability

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    Transaction history

    Manage all your documents and visualize all operations to know their status

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    Send reminders

    Follow the status of the signature requests and send reminders to receive the signatures as soon as possible. Don´t miss any deadlines

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    Safe storage

    Manage all your documents in the same platform and access them at anytime. Have everything prepared for any inspection.

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