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  • Send


    Signaturit allows you to easily send documents to be signed in a fast and reliable way, that works without installing any applications.

  • Sign


    Once you send signature requests, every signatory will receive an email to access the document and start the signing process.

  • Manage


    Monitor all the different statuses of a signature request and keep everything organized to have immediate access to your contracts.

Send Document Fast

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Send documents to be signed directly from your email account or through our dashboard.

    Sending a document to sign was never so easy!

  • Single or multiple signatures

    Single or multiple signatures

    No matter how many people is required to sign contract. Now, you just have to
    add the extension
    to the email address of every signatory.

  • Easy to use

    Avoid repetitive tasks

    Be more efficient in case you need to send a specific contract to sign every new customer, supplier or employee.

    Create your own templates

Sign Anytime, from Any Device

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    Intuitive signing

    After receiving the document, the signatory will be able to sign it and send it back in less than 30 seconds. The signer does not need to have a Signaturit account.

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    From any device

    The signatory will be able to open, read and sign contracts from any desktop, tablet or smartphone, at any time. Only internet access and a major web browser are required.

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    Legally binding

    Signaturit’s digital handwritten signatures are equally valid like the traditional ones. Every transaction is uniquely certified with an audit trail.


Manage and Track

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    Transactions history

    Every change in the status of a contract - from send, to opened, to signed - can be traced from your Signaturit’s dashboard.

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    Send reminders

    If a delay occurs in the signing of a document or contract, you can easily send reminders to the signatory from your dashboard. No more missed deadlines!

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    Don’t lose files

    Be always ready for any inspection. With Signaturit, you can easily keep a record of all your trasactions and download the signed documents and audit trails whenever you need.

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