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The European leader for secured and probatory digital transactions.

Signaturit Group is the trusted choice for European businesses looking for secure, compliant and easy-to-use digital transaction management.


More than 245,000 companies already trust in us

With more than 245,000 customers in over 40 countries and millions of transactions processed each year, Signaturit Group is positioned as the leading provider of e-signature solutions and trusted e-services in Europe.

Signaturit Group drives the digital transformation of private and public sector organisations, ensuring the legality, security and traceability of all their critical transactions for evidential purposes.

Why choose Signaturit Group?

Signaturit Group stands out as a trusted European technology partner, providing a comprehensive set of solutions with evidential value for digitised, authenticated, secure and fully traceable transactions.

From identification and authentication to signature management and verification, including electronic delivery and document preservation, we provide our clients with the security they require to carry out the digital transformation of their critical processes and work methodologies.

Reasons why customers choose Signaturit Group:

A pure European player

Signaturit Group is deeply rooted in Europe, with a 100% European identity. We are recognised and accredited to meet the highest European standards in more than 15 criteria (security, business continuity, quality, processes…) in Europe and abroad.

We are up to date with the latest eIDAS regulations and requirements, actively participating in the main industry consortia, such as the Cloud Signature Consortium. Our commitment makes it easier for EU companies and public entities to comply with these regulations.

Signaturit Group stores all data in Europe. We fully comply with the GDPR either as a processor or as a data controller, hosting personal data in a secure and confidential environment.

A portfolio of solutions beyond electronic signature

Signaturit Group’s approach is the most complete on the market. We don’t just focus on electronic signatures. We offer a portfolio of solutions to manage and secure all end-to-end digital transactions.

From identification of the signatory or signatories, to management of these identifications, from authentication of the transactions and e-delivery, to preservation for evidential purposes, we offer secure, traceable solutions that give you the assurance of the validity of your most critical documents.  

We are able to propose to you the highest level of qualification, at each stage of your electronic signature process. Easily.  

A team of experts at your service

Whatever the size of your organization, Signaturit Group employees are committed to working alongside you.

We work with you to keep pace with your current and future needs in terms of signatory and signature volumes, internal process changes, and new digital offerings. More than 300 experts are there to support you, and adapt to your projects.

We are renowned for our responsiveness and the quality of our customer service responses, both technical and legal. 

Benefits of working with Signaturit Group

Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation

Optimizing processes to increase user adoption is key to any digital transformation initiative. At Signaturit Group, we know this. That’s why we don’t propose adding a layer of processes to already complex ones, but rather adapting ourselves to them.

We propose an approach based on your business applications, to guarantee a non-disruptive approach, adapted to your employees’ work habits. 

Enhance your customer experience

Your customers are more and more demanding, both in terms of speed of response and execution of their online transactions, while demanding ever higher levels of security and protection of their confidential data.

We respond to each of these challenges, offering fast, secure transactions for an optimized digital journey. Guaranteeing an optimal underwriting process for greater customer satisfaction 


Ensure the probatory value of your digital transactions

The value of evidence is critical when it comes to litigating or proving documentary fraud. The qualified electronic signature, in certain cases, is a prerequisite for asserting your rights.

Benefiting from the most demanding levels of qualification, Signaturit Group solutions are considered to have the highest probative value in the event of litigation. We protect your most critical transactions, and therefore your business. 


Create new products & services to drive more business

Use trust as the basis for new growth vectors. Our experts work with the biggest names in the industry, who innovate every day to bring more value to their customers.

Using the Group’s offerings, many are building new digital offerings for their customers, and improving the underwriting journey.

Hundreds of them have already done so. Why not you?

Go for paperless processes

The electronic transaction model enables organizations to replace the paper-based process, which is time-consuming, costly and a source of human error. Electronic transactions reduce document processing costs, such as postage, printing and delivery.

According to IDC, companies using electronic signatures can cut costs by 20% to 30%.  

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