Why Signaturit Group

Universign’s accreditations 

Signaturit Group solutions can aspire to the highest levels of qualification, based on eIDAS, but not only that. We are also recognised and accredited to meet other security and quality assurance criteria.

Universign accreditations

Universign is recognized as a Trust Provider for

  • Qualified certificates for electronic signature
  • Qualified certificates for electronic seals
  • Qualified validation of electronic signature
  • Qualified time stamping

Universign is proud to ber recognized as a Qualified Trust Service Provider bY ANSSI

As an interministerial agency, ANSSI’s purpose is to build and organize the nations’ protection against cyber-attacks. In this way, it contributes to reinforcing the global level of cybersecurity and stability of cyberspace.

Universign is regularly audited by LSTI, to ensure compliance with lastest European norms

EN 329 402, EN 319 401, EN 319 411-1, EN 319 411-2, EN319 421, EN 319 521, EN 319 531, EN 319 102-1, EN 319 441, TS 119 511

Universign is member for digital signature of the ETSI organism

which sets upt the standards for Procedures for using and interpreting European regulations, compliance of the architecture, and interoperability

Universign Memberships


Universign is a founding member of the Cloud Signature Consortium, a global group of industry, government, and academic organizations committed to driving standardization of highly secure and compliant digital signatures in the cloud.

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