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Whitepaper: Introduction to Esignatures

Basic guide to understanding and using electronic signatures

What does it include?

  • Electronic signatures: definitions and legality
  • Cases when you might use electronic signatures
  • Benefits of electronic signatures
  • Our electronic signature solutions 
  • Other digital solutions from Signaturit

eSignatures: Legality, security and efficiency

Any interaction between a company and its workers, clients, suppliers, partners and so on, and that involves a physical document, can become a digitial experience.

At Signaturit we offer several types of electronic signatures that can automate the creation, management, sending, and signing of all types of document securely, efficiently, and with full legal validity.

In this whitepaper we explain everything you need to know about electronic signatures, so that you can start using them today.

Who is this useful for?

For any company – regardless of the sector – or department that aims to make their clients and employees’ lives easier, and improve their teams’ efficiency in all document management processes

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