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GreenSoftware (GreenStudent)

All the Software oriented to the hotel and student sectors

With GreenStudent you can efficiently manage CMU’s and student residences, private or public, secular or religious, permanent or seasonal. An integral PMS with which you can control the entire student stay process, from online booking and digital signature of the contract to invoicing, remittances and tokenisation of recurring payments.

Electronic signature function

Reprise offers Signaturit’s advanced biometric signature solution.

How does it work?

The recipient signs the document by drawing their signature from any device, without downloading an app.

The process is completely legal, ensures the integrity of the signed document, and unequivocally identifies the signer.

Use cases

It facilitates the contract of stay for the clients of student residences and halls of residence.

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Software type

PMS (Property Management System)


· Education

· Tourism and short and long stay accommodation




Integrated solution

Electronic signature