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Connect Signaturit to thousands of applications – without any codes

With this Zapier connector, you will be able to connect Signaturit with thousands of the most popular applications, so you can automate your signing and certification processes and have more time for what matters most, without having to use any codes.

With Zapier, Signaturit can act as an “action” or a “trigger”. Depending on the mode, you can start the flow with the already-signed document or before signing.

Signaturit as an action app

Signaturit as an action app allows you to perform the following actions caused by a trigger:

  • Create a biometric advanced signature request
  • Create a signature request using a template
  • Send a reminder
  • Cancel a signature request
  • Send a certified email


Examples of automations:

  • Send a document to be signed every time someone fills out a Typeform or Hubspot form.
  • Send a document to be signed after a new row in a Google Spreadsheet.
  • Send a document to be signed every time a new deal is created in Pipedrive.


Signaturit as a trigger app

Signaturit is activated as a trigger app when a document is signed.

Examples of automations:

  • Archive the signed documents in a folder using a Google Drive account.
  • Send an SMS or a Slack notification each time a document is being signed.


Use cases
Any contract or document.


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Software and applications

Google Sheets
Google Drive
Google Forms
Microsoft Office 365

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