Reprise – Solpheo

Document management and process automation software

Reprise – Solpheo is an application that optimises the management of documentation and other related tasks in different departments, such as Human Resources, Quality, Invoicing, etc.

Electronic signature function

Reprise offers Signaturit’s advanced biometric signature solution with the following functionalities:

  • Generation of document templates
  • External document upload
  • Multi-signatories
  • Parallel sending
  • Sequential sending
  • Sending by email
  • Embedded integration (face-to-face signature)
  • Reminders
  • Expiration deadline

How does it work?
The recipient signs the document by drawing their signature from any device, without downloading an app.

The process is completely legal, ensures the integrity of the signed document, and unequivocally identifies the signer.

Use cases

Signing of employment and/or commercial contracts, files, informed consents, quality documentation, invoices with suppliers and other types of documents or communications from different departments.

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Software type

Document management


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Integrated solution

Electronic signature

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