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Simplify and accelerate closing back-office and legal processes

Parallel speeds up your processes from start to finish, from obtaining information to signing the document. Simplify and control your business tasks without using chain mail, eliminating errors, and reducing paperwork. All this, while improving collaboration in a secure way.

Electronic signature function

Parallel offers Signaturit’s advanced biometric signature solution. 

How does it work?

The recipient signs the document by drawing their signature from any device, without downloading an app.

The process is completely legal, ensures the integrity of the signed document, and unequivocally identifies the signer.

Use cases

Any contract or legal document from the real estate sector such as rental, reservation, or safety deposit contracts, compliance contracts such as KYC or human resources, offer letters, or employment contracts.

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Software type

Process automation


Banking / Finance


Real Estate

Business Services





Integrated solution

Electronic signature