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When you get a document or contract in your inbox that you have to sign with Signaturit, you don’t need to print it. You can easily sign it online, using your smartphone, tablet or computer, quickly and efficiently. Our solution is safe, it meets the data protection laws of the European Union, and has full legal validity, not only in the EU but also in the United States. And you don’t need to install any applications to use it. The following video explains how to sign a document with Signaturit This video is also available in Spanish.
With Signaturit you can sign any documents in just 3 simple steps:
  1. Open the email that contains the document or contract.

  2. Click “Open Document”

  3. Sign it.

In less than 30 seconds you will have signed a document with full legal validity and using a tool that meets the data protection laws of the European Union.


Signaturit can be used from your smartphone, tablet or computer:
  • From a smartphone and a tablet you can sign documents with your index finger.
  • From your computer you can sign with the mouse or with your index finger, using the trackpad on your computer.
You can try Signaturit free for 7 days. No Credit Card required and Cancel any time! Send your documents for signature and improve your productivity, save time and money. Try us for free now! If you need more information about our eSignature solution call us at (+34) 935 511 480 or send us an email to [email protected]. This video is also available in Spanish.