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Digitally signing any document is easy with Signaturit

Sign at any time, in any place, without installing an app. Get your documents electronically signed today, with full legal certainty!

How to do electronic signature with Signaturit:

Step 1: Click "Start"

We’ll send you a signature request through Signaturit. Go to your email or SMS and open the link from any device. A screen will appear with some quick instructions to follow. Click on “Start” and access the document that you will digitally sign.

Step 2: Accept "Privacy Policy”

Tick the 2 boxes to accept the Privacy Policy and to agree to the processing and encryption of the signature´s personal biometric data in the document to ensure the legality and security. Once accepted, the bar will disappear.

Step 3: Fill in information

Complete all relevant information in the document—you can see in the upper bar how many fields you have pending. If you want to quickly skip to the next section, click on “Fill in” to go directly there.

Step 4: Sign document

Draw your signature in the box that says “Click to sign”. With our new signature app, you can sign from your mobile by scanning the QR code in the left column of the box. Once you have signed, click “Accept”.

Step 5: Click "Send"

Once you’ve filled in all the fields, the “Send” button will appear. Click this and you’re finished! Remember: the button will only appear once all fields are completed.

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