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How to sell more? How long does the sales process take a company from the start until the final signing of the contract? What tools can speed up the closing of commercial deals?

All these questions that a good sales manager asks can be summed up in one: how do we speed up the sales cycle to the maximum to help the professionals in the commercial department achieve their goals.

That’s why in this post we present the advantages of our electronic signature tool to increase productivity and in contributing to commercial teams to being more effective.

How to sell more? The solution is the electronic signature 

The benefits of using sales management tools – like CRMs and ERPs – can be wasted if sales people do not close contracts. In long sales processes which require many documents, typical for B2B companies, using electronic signatures greatly facilitates the final step: signing contracts.

Simplifying the signing process is key to closing more deals – increasing the customer base – and improving the sales team productivity.

In this blog post we would like to emphasize the 6 main advantages to using an electronic signature system, like the one offered by Signaturit, for a sales department.

6 advantages of the electronic signature for Sales Departments

1. Get contracts signed in minutes

One career goal that many share is to better manage time, which leads to greater efficiency and to a better control of costs at the departmental level.

The step that culminates every the sales process – the signature – is much faster and easier for both the customer and the sales team, thanks to the use of electronic signatures.

When the customer is already convinced that the product or service offered by your company is the best one to solve his/her problem, signing the contract can happen in minutes: the customer receives the contract by e-mail, opens it from his/her computer, tablet or mobile phone, signs it and forwards the signed document to the sales person.

The latter receives an email in his/her inbox that the contract has been signed and can access it through Signaturit’s dashboard.

2. No problem if you need more than one signature

The signing of contracts between two people that are far apart has been around for a long time. Mail has traditionally been used to do this, but this kind of contractual relationship has changed thanks to the internet, which has presented new ways to give consent at a distance with the electronic signature.

On the other hand, the ability to sign from anywhere and any device, means the location is not a problem. The signed contracts are available the same day when sent to the customer, regardless of the number of signatures needed to validate the agreement. Location and time are no longer obstacles for getting signed contracts.

3. Sales team productivity improves

With a tool like the electronic signature solution that Signaturit offers, tracking the status of a contract sent to a customer is very simple. From the dashboard you can always know at what stage the document is: received, read or signed.

As a result, sales people save a huge amount of time sending emails and making follow-up calls; which enables them to call other potential customers and close more sales.

4. Sales team satisfaction increases

It is no secret that behind every successful company is a team of qualified people, who have spent a lot of effort and hours of work to design strategies, generate business and get results.

To retain that professional talent it is essential to create a work place experience that is conducive to their well-being, both professionally and personally, so they don’t feel the need to change jobs.

One of the ways to maintain good levels of motivation is to the provide proper tools with which to carry out work effectively.

The electronic signature is one of those, since it provides ease and speed for processes that can otherwise be slow and difficult, such as getting a commercial deal signed. It avoids the uncertainty of waiting and no doubt has a positive impact on the minds of the department responsible.

A new client is a step towards the fulfillment of their objectives, so an electronic signature tool that simplifies their life is key for the sales team to stay motivated and satisfied with their own performance.

5. Transactions are legally more supported

Although the signature on paper has the same legal validity as electronic signatures, the security offered by the latter in case of possible litigation is unsurpassed.

If the intention is to provide the electronic consent with supporting evidence, it is important to use an adequate, appropriate and legally valid method.

The solution that Signaturit offers, which is not only an electronic signature but an advanced electronic signature, collects a series of data – location, email address, IP, unique device identifier, etc. – that constitute an irrefutable proof of who signed the contract, where and when, and this information has legal validity in front of any court.

6. Customer experience improves

Once the client has decided to buy your product or service, he/she can sign the contract immediately without having to do the classic and tedious paperwork, printing two copies of the document, sign them and send them back to the company by snail mail, or scanned via email. The ease and speed of the signing process with electronic signature solutions is a pleasing factor for the customer, who can start using your product or service without further delay.


Commercial departments using electronic signatures have a clear competitive advantage over those who do not, because it is a tool that streamlines the final step of the sales process, helping close deals faster and to generate more business. 

Using the electronic signature not only provides tangible economic savings, but also improves the efficiency of processes, employee productivity, simplifies workflows and prevents lost business opportunities. And don’t forget the environmental impact with the important reduction in paper consumption thanks to digitizing the signature processes.

You only need an internet connection so that in less than 30 seconds and without the need to install any app, you’ll be able to get the contract signed by the potential client and officially close the deal.

You can try now our advanced electronic signature tool for free or download the free whitepaper below if you want to know more about how Signaturit can help your sales teams.