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What kinds of electronic signatures do we offer?

Simple signature

It consists of signing with one click or entering a PIN sent via SMS.

It is very easy to use, but even though it has value as evidence, it does not allow the signer to be uniquely identified.

Advanced signature with biometrics

Biometric signature. It is done with a pen stroke, just like signing on paper.

It is very easy to use and, in addition to having value as evidence, it does allow us to uniquely identify the signer.

Advanced signature with digital certificate

The signer uses his or her digital certificate, issued by third parties.

A digital certificate is the only method that technically and legally guarantees a person's identity on the Internet.

Qualified signature

The signer uses a digital certificate issued by Signaturit. Our digital certificate is qualified.

A digital certificate is the only method that technically and legally guarantees a person's identity on the Internet.

How does Signaturit work?

I do not have management software
I have management software


Upload the document or contract that you have to send for signing to our platform, in PDF or Word format. When it is ready, click “Send” to send it to the signer.


The signer will receive the contract by email. He or she can sign it at any time, from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, without installing any additional apps.


From our platform, you can follow the signing process in real-time, check if the document is signed, automate deliveries, create reminders, and much more.

Integrate Signaturit into your software using our API and send documents to be signed without changing tools or locations.

What kind of documents can you sign using our electronic signatures?

Facility Services

Employment contracts, temporary and permanent.

Occupational risk prevention.

Receipts for equipment and work material delivery.


Real Estate

Rental contracts.

Reservation and security deposit contracts.

Private sales contracts.



Insurance Policies.

SEPA Mandates.

Account or address change forms.


Human Resources

Employment offers.

Temporary and permanent employment contracts.

Personal data protection contracts.


Commercial Equipment

Sales contracts.

Purchase orders.

Service provision contracts.


Legal Departments

Minutes for boards of directors.

Calls for shareholders´meetings.

Partner agreements and investment contracts.


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