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Real Estate Software

Inmoweb is the definitive real estate software for working remotely, optimising the management of your daily work. It combines all real estate agents’ procedures: real estate website, preferential deposits, publication in portals, documentation, operations, agent fees, and much more. More than 10,000 real estate agents use Inmoweb.

Electronic signature function

Inmoweb offers 2 types of Signaturit electronic signatures:

· Simple electronic signature: The recipients signs by checking a box.

· Advanced biometric electronic signature: The recipient signs the document by drawing their signature + OTP code option: the recipient accesses the signing process by entering a one-time password received via SMS.

How does it work?

The recipient can sign the document from any device, without downloading an app.

Both signatures are legal and ensure the integrity of the signed documents. Choosing one or the other depends on the case of use or your company’s needs.

Use cases

Any contract or document.

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