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Data Privacy is our priority

Signaturit provides a transparent platform that meets the most demanding laws in terms of data protection worldwide, based on the standards of the European Union.

  • Electronic signatures

    We do not store any electronic signature on our servers, rather they are embedded in the document.

  • Data Privacy

    Data privacy is one of our top commitments. Here you can check the Privacy Policy of Signaturit's service.

Data privacy

Data Integrity

Signaturit generates electronic evidences that keep record of the email addresses (of both, the receiver and the sender), the document's name and ID, the location and the exact time when the document was signed.

  • Time Stamping Authority

    (TSA) This authority acts as a trusted third party to ensure that the documents and signatures have not been altered. This process ensures the integrity of information at all times, avoiding any possible manipulation.

  • Legality

    The electronic signatures and the signed documents have full legal validity in a court of law.

Document integrity

Data Center Security and Availability

All documents are hosted in a world-class secure server infrastructure in SAS70 Type II facilities, which obtained the ISO 27001 certification. Physical access is strictly controlled by professional security staff.

  • Control Access

    Authorized personnel must be triple verified using a double authentication system to access the facilities where the data is stored.

  • Dedicated Service

    Our response team is dedicated to communicating and answering to any questions regarding electronic safety and/or use of the service.

Datacenter Security

Encryption and Security Policies

Signaturit protects the confidentiality and access to the documents that are sent or signed through our platform. This security level is the same as used by banks or government agencies.

  • Layered Encryption

    Connections and data access to our platform are done through a secure SSL channel using HTTPS 256-bit AES.

  • Strong Authentication

    Data is encrypted with private and public keys, only accessible if required by a judge in a court of law.

Document and data encryption