Security and privacy is guaranteed for all documents, transactions and communications done through Signaturit.

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We protect confidentiality and access to documents that are sent and signed through our platform. Our security levels are the same as those used by banks and governments.

  • Encrypted connections

    In Signaturit all connections between different servers or clients is done through HTTPS connections, which ensures point-to-point data encryption.

  • Data encryption

    All the data that circulates through our platform are encrypted with public and private keys. This information can only be accessed if required by a judge.



According to the European Regulation on the Protection of Data - Regulation (EU) 2016/679 - we respect the privacy of all data and information that is transmitted through Signaturit.

  • We do not store signatures

    We do not store any signatures made on our platform. Electronic signatures are generated uniquely in each transaction, to sign each document.

  • User consent

    According to the European Data Protection Regulation, during the signature process we obtain the explicit consent of the user to be able to provide our services.



The data is trustworthy if it is intact, meaning if it has or has not been altered after making a signature. In Signaturit we guarantee the integrity of the data that is entered and transmitted through our platform.

  • Audit trail

    During the signature process we collect a series of electronic evidences that offer additional information about the context in which the signature was done. We include this evidence in the audit trail.

  • Time stamp

    We guarantee the integrity of the electronic evidence through an official time stamp: we guarantee that the data in the audit trail, including the signature itself, has not been altered after the signature was made.



The security of our servers is top notch, the same used by banks and government organizations.

  • Security of the servers

    The documents are stored in a server infrastructure of Type II SAS70 installations,which has the certification ISO 27001. In addition, our platform is configured so that each of our servers is as restrictive as possible, allowing access only to those who are indispensable for the correct functioning of the system.

  • Physical access controls

    Physical access to the servers is strictly controlled by professional security personnel through video surveillance systems, physical control sensors, and other electronic means. In addition, access to data is strictly authorized according to the principle of minimum privileges, with multifactor access control systems.

Technical support service

Technical support service

In Signaturit we provide a technical support team that is exclusively dedicated to responding to any questions regarding security and/or incidences in our service.

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Signaturit is a company recognised as an Electronic Provider of Trust Services by Spain''s Ministry of Economy and Enterprise and as a Trusted Third Party according to the Law of Information Society Services (LSSI - Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio de Servicios de la Sociedad de Información y Comercio Electrónico).