Certified email:
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Guarantee that your clients or employees receive your communications and documents from a trusted source

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Companies that already use certified email instead of burofax manage to save 87% in shipping costs.

How does Signaturit work?

I do not have management software
I have management software


Access our platform, click on the “New Shipment” button on the sidebar, and select “Certified Email.”


Write the name and email of the recipient, attach the documents you need to send with acknowledgement of receipt, and just send them!


From our platform, you will be able to follow the process in real time, and you will know immediately when the recipient receives the documents.

Integrate Signaturit into your software using our API and send certified communications to be signed without changing tools or locations.

"With Signaturit we can send certified emails quickly and easily and at a lower cost than the traditional system".

Ricardo Torres

Partner of [A]CODE Abogados

Ricardo T.

What communications or documents
can you send using a certified email?

Facility Services

Sending the job offer.

Notification of material delivery or shift change.

Sending out mandatory rules linked to the employment contract.


Real Estate

Notification of rental contract termination.

Notification of non-payment.

Preliminary negotiation notice.



Policy renewal notice.

Notification of coverage rejection.

Claims for non-payment.


Human Resources

Notification of change in working hours or salary.

Notification of payroll receipt.

Notification of dismissal.


Commercial Equipment

Notification of owner change.

Notification of special contracting conditions.

Notification of post-sale technical documentation delivery.


Legal Departments

Notice of contract termination.

Notification of request for contract modification.

Notification of request for extrajudicial payment.


Advantages of our certified
electronic delivery solution

secure your communications

send communications in no time

Low cost:
eliminate shipping costs

simplify preparation and distribution

reduce paper consumption

Forget about burofax and
start saving on costs with certified email

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