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At Signaturit we promote the paperless culture

Discover our policies and actions as an eco-friendly company that respects the environment thanks to the digital signature.

What is paperless culture?

Our goal

Thanks to the digital signature, we help companies to go paperless to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to ecological preservation

Paper waste in numbers

For each transaction carried out using electronic signatures, we avoid the consumption of 3 sheets of paper

Sustainable solutions

At Signaturit we provide 141 million signatures per year, which translates into 423 million sheets of paper saved and a total of 50,000 trees saved annually ????

Joining the United Nations Global Compact

It is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Our aim is to promote the implementation of the <span>Global Compact’s Ten Principles </span> related to human rights, environment, anti-corruption and labour, as well as the <span>SDGs of the 2030 Agenda</span>.

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Our action policies

We carry out and promote actions together with other entities, such as the cleaning of our beaches, to promote healthy lifestyles and care for the environment. <br> In addition, we apply a series of policies in our offices to promote recycling, waste separation, energy consumption reduction, etc.

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How do we contribute to caring for the environment?

Paper reduction

As well as avoiding the felling of trees, using less paper means less waste and therefore less pollution. This has a positive impact on the environment.

Limiting the consumption of natural resources

In addition to reducing the felling of trees, water and energy are also saved in the production of paper, as each kg of paper is equivalent to more than 200 litres of water.

Reducing waste disposal

The digital transformation reduces the use of chemicals used in printers through disposable ink, toner etc.

Carbon footprint control

The use of digital signatures avoids unnecessary travel and thus reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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