Signaturit Quality Policy

Version Author Approved by Date of approval Comment
1.0 Edwin Mata Coordination Committee 21 November 2018 Initial version of the document
2.0 Pau Mestre Coordination Committee 1 August 2019 Inclusion of section 2
3.0 Pau Mestre Coordination Committee 16 November 2020 Inclusion of environmental aspects in sections 1.2 and 2 and change of the policy title
4.0 Francisco Cataluña Coordination Committee 11 April 2022 Inclusion of changes and references to new management and integration with Ivnosys Soluciones SLU


1. Quality and environmental policy

The basic orientation of Signaturit is to be recognised for quality and environmental protection and respect:

This will be achieved by:

1.1. Quality


1.2. Environment


2. Quality and environmental policy charter

This letter will be communicated in different languages to all stakeholders through publication on the corporate website or through other communication channels.

“At SIGNATURIT, as a company dedicated to the Provision of Trust Services within the framework of the eIDAS Regulation (Regulation 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014), we consider quality and security in our services as essential elements for the development of our activity.
Since our beginnings, we have followed the philosophy of continuous improvement and care for the environment with the aim of being a benchmark company in our sector and a market leader. A high standard of quality and environmental protection is achieved through the company’s compliance with a Quality and Environmental Management System that helps the organisation to offer better services while respecting the environmental needs of our planet in each process.
Our Quality and Environmental Management System ensures the definition, alignment, management, integration and improvement of processes to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, employees, stakeholders, the community and the environment in accordance with this standard.
To achieve this objective, the guidelines emanating from this policy can be summarised in the following basic principles:

José Sebastián Blasco
Financial Manager de Signaturit.


3. Validity and document management

The owner of this document is the Head of the Legal Department, who must check and, if necessary, update the document at least every six months.
In assessing the effectiveness and adequacy of this document, the following criteria should be taken into account:

Ivnosys Quality Policy

Version Approver Date of approval
v21 Management Area 20th october 2021


Ivnosys, a Signaturit Company, is a company dedicated to the design and development of solutions based on electronic signatures, digital certification and electronic identity and operates these solutions as a Qualified Trusted Electronic Service Provider.

Our services and solutions enable our clients to develop their digital transformation processes by securing their online identity and facilitating interaction with their end users.

It is especially important for us to help companies and self-employed persons with the legal obligation to interact electronically with public administrations and to be able to fulfil all their legal obligations.


Vision and vocation


Our vision of customer relations is to offer our software solutions in a way that is close to the business. That is why Ivnosys is always looking for synergies through partnership agreements with different types of development or business consulting companies.

With these alliances, Ivnosys achieves even more innovative solutions that offer direct and effective responses to large corporations and, by intelligently applying the cloud services model, we reach thousands of SMEs and freelancers at the same time.

In addition, we offer a complete solution of trustworthy electronic services, becoming, together with our partners, a unique interlocutor in this type of solutions.

Ivnosys controls and monitors suppliers and partners involved in the provision of services to ensure compliance with the standards and requirements of the organisation in terms of quality, security and protection of personal data. The result of this evaluation is provided on request.

Our vocation is to provide a reliable, safe and quality service and continuous improvement is a priority for us.



Our company policy, established around safety, quality and continuous improvement, affects us all and is based on the following values: