Here we have also provided the conditions of use that shall apply to end users as the conditions of hire as customers or users do not apply to them.

Cookies and Privacy Policy

The aim of this privacy policy is to regulate all aspects in relation to processing the data belonging to different users —natural persons— that browse or use the services offered by Signaturit. Therefore, we shall distinguish between the different users to inform them of the privacy policy that shall apply to them, using the following logic:

  • If you are a visiting user, the general privacy policy or general conditions on privacy established in this document shall apply to you.

  • If you are a registered user, customer or issuer of documentation through the use of our solutions or platform, in addition to the above, the Privacy Policy for Customer Users shall apply to you.

  • If you are an end user of the information, and are not a customer or registered on our platform but the recipient of information or documents from our platform through another user, in addition to the General Privacy Policy, the Privacy Policy for End Users described below shall apply to you.

  • If you use our platform or our solutions because your provider has referred you to them, in addition to taking into account the conditions established here, please make sure that your provider has informed you about the privacy policy that shall apply to you.

1. General Privacy Policy

1.1. General factors

1.1.1. Information regarding regulatory compliance

Signaturit wishes to offer all of its users and customers a safe and reliable service and browsing experience. Therefore, we have implemented this privacy policy, which complies with the security measures required by Spanish Law 15/1999, of 13 December on Data Protection (hereinafter LOPD due to its Spanish initials) and Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, applicable to personal data processing. In addition, below, the user shall find the cookies policy that they must take into account to see what type of cookies the owner of this website uses in order to provide and improve our services.

1.1.2. Scope of application of this privacy policy

This privacy policy shall apply to all users that browse the Signaturit website, request information via e-mail or the form provided for that purpose, subscribe to the newsletter or register as a user on the platform. Hereinafter, we shall refer to them as the “visiting user”, “registered user”, “issuer” or “customer”.

This privacy policy shall not apply to the end user of e-mails or information sent by our registered or customer users. They shall adhere to the provisions of our Privacy Policy for End Users set out below.

1.2. On what website sections is personal data collected?

a) Through the contact form

On the website, the user shall find the option to write to the owner of this site to clarify any doubts they have in relation to the working of the services, platform or any other. In response, they shall be contacted at the e-mail address provided by the user and/or customer.

b) Through subscription to the newsletter

If the user subscribes to the Signaturit newsletter, we shall send them e-mails containing news relating to the services and/or products sold, blog articles and information considered relevant for the user, in addition to offers, discounts and information that we believe to be of interest to the user and/or customer.

c) When registering as a customer

By completing the form for registering as a customer, the user shall have or access a private profile within the solution or platform, which shall allow them to see a log of signatures, documents sent and the status of the same. When it comes to registering, the user shall give a series of personal details that shall allow them to be identified within the platform and manage any process that has to be performed with the same by the platform owner.

d) When the user is the recipient of an e-mail sent via our platform

Data is collected when the platform customer or issuer gives their name and contact e-mail address as the recipient of the information or document being sent Signaturit. Before being able to send a response, the recipient user shall be warned about the privacy policy that applies to them on account of this data processing and the conditions of use to be taken into account.

e) Through the corporate e-mail address

Any user may use the e-mail to write and/or request information that they consider necessary in order to clarify doubts in relation to the services offered on the website or regarding how the platform works.

f) Through data collection by a third-party main service provider

A company that provides services to you may have subcontracted services offered by Signaturit for running some of them. In this event, Signaturit shall collect your data as data processor for the purpose of providing the service hired by the aforementioned company, not using this data for any other purpose that contravenes the provision of service but we may use them for the purposes established in point 1.3 of this policy.

1.3. What is the objective and/or purpose of data collection?

The purpose of the data collection in all the sections mentioned in the above point is to maintain direct and personal contact with the users and/or customers that have contacted our team, have requested our services and/or become customers depending on the type of contact they have had with us or the service requested, and also to inform them about Signaturit promotions and/or offers that we think may be of interest to them.

With regard to the data belonging to recipients of e-mails or documentation sent via our platform, we would like to inform them that we may also collect their data to send them information regarding Signaturit promotions and/or information that we think may be of interest to them. In any case, they may cancel the subscription to this service in the e-mail that they receive if what we send is not of interest to them.

1.4. Express consent for data processing

In compliance with the Spanish Law on Data Protection and in accordance with what is established in the company’s internal policies, every time the user sends personal data using forms or similar, they must given their express consent by clicking the box that appears at the bottom of each form where their data is collected or when they write to the contact e-mail address. By this/these action/s, the user is freely and unequivocally stating that they agree with Signaturit processing their data in accordance with the purposes mentioned in the above section and in the specific applicable conditions regarding privacy depending on user type.

1.5. Other requirements and specifications

The services, access to content and product offers on this website are exclusively intended for people of 18 years of age and over so any person who provides their personal data is stating that they are that age and the use of Signaturit and the provision of personal data by minors is prohibited.

We would like to inform the user that, unless specifically established to the contrary, it is deemed necessary that you provide all of the data requested in the forms that you shall find on the website or other associated platforms. If you do not provide all of the data that we consider necessary, Signaturit may not process your request, depending on the case.

1.6. Regarding your rights to access, rectification, cancelation and opposition.

The Spanish Law on Data Protection has implemented a series of legal guarantees to allow the user to exercise their rights and actions relating to the processing of their data. Signaturit offers this legal guarantee, by which, at any time and/or when they deem it appropriate, the user may make use of their rights to access, rectification, cancelation and opposition, by writing to the following postal or e-mail addresses:

Signaturit Solutions, S.L.
Corporate tax registration no.: B-66024167
Calle Àvila, 29
08005 Barcelona
P: (34) 93 551 14 80

In any event, you must attach a photocopy of your passport or national ID (data owner) and state the subject, expressly, the request you wish to make, in other words, the type of right being exercised: access, rectification, cancelation or opposition.

If you would like to stop receiving the newsletter, you may cancel directly from within the latest newsletter you have received by clicking “I would like to stop receiving newsletters” at the bottom of the same.

If, however, you have any query or issue in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact the Signaturit team directly, using the mechanisms established on the website.

We would like to remind you that Signaturit may only exercise your rights with regard to the processing of data performed by us, by virtue of the provisions of this policy, but it cannot be held responsible or exercise rights regarding processing performed by the person or entity that corresponded with you or used our platform to provide a service. In any event, refer to that provider, where necessary, so they can tell you how to proceed to exercise your ARCO rights with them.

1.7. Security measures for data collection

1.7.1. Measures adopted by the company

  • a) To guarantee security on the Signaturit website and in the solution, a security system has been integrated to allow us to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the customer data that has been provided or collected via the means mentioned in the first point. In this way, data shall be processed in accordance with the principles of high-level security as required by Spanish Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection (LOPD due to its Spanish initials), in a confidential manner and using the security measures as required by Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, by which the regulations that develop Spanish Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection (RLOPD due to its Spanish initials) are approved.

    In particular, Signaturit would like to inform you that, based on the type of service we provide and in order to perform it with all guarantees, we collect, amongst others, the following data from our users: date and time of signature, action performed (signed or rejected), operating system used, browser used, geolocalisation data (city), status of the signature and IP and the biometric details of the aforementioned signature (pressure, slant of writing, speed, acceleration, formation of letters and the direction of the strokes in the signature).

    Consequently, technical and organisational measures have been adopted as required to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access to and theft of the personal data provided, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the data and the risks that they are exposed to. For this purpose, Signaturit uses a system for transmitting data and documents over the server where they are stored that complies with the measures listed at letter C.

  • b) Likewise, and aware of the importance for the user of the documents they may send, Signaturit undertakes to inform them of any situation that may put the confidentiality and availability both of the aforementioned documents or their data at risk, adopting all the measures within their reach, as soon as possible, to solve this issue.

    The above obligation, however, shall not be demandable when notifying the users of the issue may put their data or documentation at greater risk.

  • c) Measures that are applied in detail to the Signaturit solution:

    1. All access to Signaturit is over safe connections with https security certificates.

    2. Digital documents filed on Signaturit are encrypted before saving.

    3. Your Signaturit log-in password shall be encrypted before storing while it is active.

    4. In order to guarantee confidentiality, accessibility and availability, files that are saved on Signaturit shall be stored in distributed replicated systems.

  • d) Personal data provided over the website or during the registration and/or service hiring processes shall be recorded in a file belonging to Signaturit duly declared and registered with the Spanish Data Protection Registry for the purpose of providing the services offered and, also, for sending, by any means and including e-mail, product and service offers from this company, for improving our business relationship and for managing requests made by customers.

  • e) The forms for collecting data and consent from the user are contained in this text but the user and/or customer should be aware that Signaturit uses cloud services, in other words, we have cloud servers with the company Inc, an American company that limits its services and has its servers within the space limited by the customer. In this case, Signaturit asked to have servers solely and exclusively in Ireland (Dublin).

    If you would like further information, please visit the following page:

    (See “Is the data stored on AWS replicated? Might it leave the EU?” section. As established in this section, the customer selects the location of the servers and Signaturit Solutions, S.L. selected Ireland).

  • f) Signaturit may hire third parties for the provision of certain services that may involve your data or documents being accessed or stored by the aforementioned third parties. In any event, this access shall not, under any circumstance, be considered a transmission of your data to the aforementioned third parties by Signaturit but should be understood as a simple provision of services, with these third parties becoming what data protection law calls data processors.

    In all of these cases, Signaturit has signed legal demandable data processing contracts with these third parties that, amongst other terms, give details of the purpose of the data access and the security conditions.

1.7.2. Measures and considerations to be taken into account by the user

The user guarantees that the personal data provided to Signaturit is accurate and they undertake to notify us of any modification of the same so that it is always up to date. They are also responsible for the data given with regard to names and/or e-mail addresses of recipients and Signaturit shall not be held responsible for the same not being received due to any error in the provision of this data or for any reason attributable to the issuing user.

Notwithstanding the provisions in the above section 1.7.1, in their capacity as customer and/or user of the website and/or blog and also the Signaturit solution, the user must understand and accept that internet security measures are not inviolable and that, therefore, they must also undertake to adopt the necessary security measures to allow them to trust the veracity of the website on which they are entering their data.

Signaturit does everything possible to guarantee the privacy and security of your identification data at all times within any of our platforms, always using our utmost care and implementing the necessary measures.

With this in mind, we would like to inform you that the user and/or customer shall be held solely responsible for the security measures they implement in relation to protecting their data, including their internal identification (e-mail) and the password they have chosen for logging in to the Signaturit solution and, therefore, this company shall not be held responsible for any situation where the customer and/or user has not implemented the necessary security measures, or for any consequence of the same or due to causes or damage provoked by third parties, including acts of God and force majeure.

In your capacity as a Signaturit customer and/or user, you undertake to adopt the measures as required by virtue of the Spanish Law on Data Protection (15/1999, of 13 December), to guarantee the security of this information, so you should make sure that you comply with the provisions of the law.

1.8. Social media policy

As indicated in the legal disclaimer, Signaturit has a corporate profile on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. Therefore, by virtue of the Spanish Law on Data Protection (LOPD due to its Spanish initials), Signaturit is the data controller with regard to any data processing by virtue of the existence of these profiles.

The above means that, if a user decides to connect to the Signaturit corporate profile as a follower or by “liking” the content published, they accept this policy, which explains their rights and tells them how their data is used.

In our capacity as controller of your data for processing, the owner of this website guarantees confidentiality while it is being processed and compliance with your rights, always with regard to the aforementioned LOPD.

In addition, the company would like to inform you that these social media networks shall be used to announce relevant information or news in relation to the products and/or services offered by this party, or about matters that we consider may be of interest to users. Through the functions of these platforms, you may receive news of this type on your wall or profile.

However, we would like to inform you that there is no connection between Signaturit and these platforms or social media so the user shall accept their policy of use and conditions, having accessed the same and/or checked the disclaimers and terms and conditions while registering for them, and Signaturit shall not be held responsible for any use or processing of your data outside the strict relationship and provision of services indicated in this policy.

2. Privacy policy for customers or registered users

We would like to inform this type of user that, in addition to the provisions of point 1 of this privacy policy, data belonging to the customer or registered user shall be processed as follows:

  • The information provided by the customer shall be used for managing the business relationship;

  • For managing their requests and/or hirings;

  • For the purpose of invoicing and collecting payment for the services hired and also for usual customer management;

  • Also for the purposes of advertising and/or business research by Signaturit.

The e-mail address that the user provides in the contact section, for subscribing to newsletters, and/or the e-mail address from which they write to the corporate e-mail address shall be used for sending them information relating to the queries or concerns that they have posed, tips, news and promotions, as applicable.

Under no circumstance shall the user receive information from third parties without first having been informed and/or asked for consent, thus ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

In addition to the above, the personal data included on your profile shall be used to identify you at internal level within the Signaturit solution or application, for maintaining contact with the user outside the platform (via e-mail and post), amongst other similar actions, and for identifying you depending on the service you have hired, such as for certifying the dispatch of documents, authentication, digital signature or any other offered by this company.

We would like to inform the user that the advertising or business research actions may be performed via any means, including telephone calls, ordinary post, SMS, MMS, e-mail and internet, always depending on the data you have provided us with.

By accepting this policy, the customer or registered user agrees to the use and processing of their data for the purposes set out here.

3. Privacy policy for end users

3.1. Intervention of Signaturit as data processor

We would like to inform this type of user that, on the one hand, your data shall be stored for providing the services requested by the customer or registered user, so that you may receive the documentation or information sent to you by that customer or user via any Signaturit solution and so we may certify, depending on the service that they have hired or indicated, whether you have received the e-mail, signed the document, authenticated your identity, and also the date, time and city where you signed or validated the documents or information received.

With regard to this matter, your data shall not be used for any purpose not contemplated in this policy, and we undertake to store your data ensuring compliance with the security measures specifically required for service providers regarding digital trust and privacy or data protection as established by the applicable laws in force at any time, with the exception of the processing indicated below.

3.2. Intervention of Signaturit as data controller

In accordance with this policy and the provisions of the legal disclaimer, Signaturit shall also be the data controller for the end users of information with regard to being able to store and process this data for sending information about Signaturit, promotions or anything else for the purposes of advertising or business research that we believe may be of interest to them. In any event and as we advised above, the user may unsubscribe from these e-mails or stop information from being sent using the methods set out in point 1.6., which also apply to this processing.

4. Privacy policy for third-party users

If, in accordance with the provisions of letter F in section 1, the user accesses Signaturit services through their service provider, they must taken into account the information and privacy policy established in relation to the data processing peformed by that service provider and must expressly consent to it, where applicable.

In the case described above, Signaturit acts as data processor for your data and your data shall not be used for any other purpose than those requested by the main provider, and we shall be subject to the instructions given by the latter and comply, in all events, with the security measures applicable to this processing by virtue of the provisions of the data protection regulations in force at any time.

5. Privacy policy for job candidates

We would like to inform you that your personal data is going to be processed by virtue of the recruitment process that you are going to sign up for via our website. We would like to inform you that this company may save your information in our employment database for 1 year, entering your information into our job position CANDIDATES file, for the purpose of informing you, where applicable, of job offers that may be of interest to you.

In any case, you are entitled to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, acknowledged by Spanish Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Data Protection, by addressing: SIGNATURIT SOLUTIONS, S.L., at Calle Llacuna, no. 162­164, 08018 Barcelona, or by e-mail to:

Conditions of Use applicable to end users

End users of e-mails or information from the platform provided by Signaturit undertake to ensure compliance with the provisions set out below.

1. Obligations in relation to use of the platform

1.1. Access to and use of the platform

The user undertakes and is bound to:

  • a) Use the platform and service provided by Signaturit in an appropriate manner. They thus undertake to use the services provided on this website, blog and solution for legal purposes, without infringing on any current legislation or injuring the rights and interests of third parties.
  • b) Guarantee the truth and accuracy of the data that, where applicable, they provide or enter on our platform, holding Signaturit blameless if there is any error or inaccuracy and holding only themselves responsible for the same.
  • c) Users must be of legal age to use the platform: 18 years of age in Spain.
  • d) The end user may not, especially and under any circumstances, use the services provided by Signaturit to send recipients documents including but not limited to those that:

    • May injure or violate the rights of minors
    • Contain threats, harassment or insults
    • Are considered pornographic or adult material
    • Constitute fraudulent activity or the sending of a virus.
  • e) A breach of any of these conditions may cause the withdrawal or cancellation of the services by Signaturit, without any advance warning or entitlement to any type of compensation for the user.

1.2. Intellectual property rights and content

1.2.1. Intellectual property

All content published by Signaturit is protected by copyright and intellectual and industrial property rights.

The website, blog and e-signature solution have likewise been developed and created by Signaturit and it holds the appropriate licences and permits for the use of any content, programming code, design or materials associated with it.

The company’s direct logos, imagery, content and articles belong to Signaturit or the people or companies who have given us express authorisation to publish them; or they are subject to licences that allow us to use the materials appropriately and in this way.

In general, any reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making publicly available, sale, use for commercial purposes and/or any other exploitation of Signaturit content is expressly prohibited without express written consent from the latter, except where expressly consented to in other legal policies that apply to Signaturit, allowing the content published in the Signaturit blog to be quoted and mentioned, for example, on social media as long as the source and/or author is credited.

For more information, the user may see the intellectual property policy contained in the legal disclaimer.

1.2.2. Signaturit industrial property and/or brands

The company SIGNATURIT SOLUTIONS, S.L. is the legitimate proprietor and holder of the ownership of community trademarks “SIGNATURIT” and “SIGNATURIT, Sign everywhere, anytime”, registered with the European Patent Office.

No user may use the Signaturit brand, domain name, slogan or any element that makes up the corporate identity of the same, without any requesting express permission from the owner of this platform, except when its name is quoted on social media or as a source for the publication of content as set out in Signaturit’s legal policies on industrial and intellectual property as mentioned in this document and in the legal disclaimer.

2. Responsibilities of the provider Signaturit

2.1. Responsibilities

Signaturit will be responsible for:

  1. Providing the service in the manner and according to the characteristics offered on the platform and set out in the conditions of hiring applicable to the services hired.
  2. Adopting the appropriate security measures, protecting the confidentiality of its users’ data in accordance with the provisions of this text and other applicable legal policies and taking the utmost possible care of its users.
  3. Adopting the security measures as pertinent both for a data processor and for a controller, with special attention to its intervention and the purpose for which the data is processed, established in our privacy policy.
  4. It will also be responsible for complying with the provisions of the particular conditions for each service hired.

2.2. Limits to Signaturit’s responsibility

Under no circumstance will Signaturit be held responsible for the following events, including but not limited to:

  1. Misuse or abuse by the user of the information obtained through services obtained from Signaturit.

  2. Damage or injury that occurred as a consequence of using information obtained through services provided by Signaturit.

  3. Documents not suitable for signing uploaded or published by the user and sent to the issuer when they may not be considered complete and/or valid in accordance with legally established criteria.

  4. Errors or delays in access by the user when it comes to entering their details on typical forms or documents that have been sent to them or any delay, error or anomaly that may arise when these issues are due to user actions, internet connection issues, force majeure or any other unforeseeable contingency beyond the control of the company.

    Signaturit undertakes to resolve the problems that may arise as long as the problem or error is due solely and exclusively to a problem in the Signaturit system, offering all the support required by the user in this case to reach a quick and satisfactory solution to the issue.

  5. Errors or damage caused by inefficient use or bad faith on behalf of the user.
  6. Malfunction or problems with the e-mail provided by the customer for sending documentation, whether theirs or the recipient’s.
  7. Any errors or issues that may occur within communications, deletion or incomplete transmissions as there is no guarantee that the website services will be constantly in operation as there may be network failures or other types of situations for which Signaturit is not directly responsible.
  8. The occurrence of any type of damage that the user or third parties may cause to the website.
  9. Signaturit reserves the right to suspend access, without warning and at its own discretion and definitively or temporarily until it ensures the effective responsibility for the damages that may occur when any situation is detected where the user has not acted correctly and/or has taken advantage of the functionalities of the website, blog or e-signature solution.
  10. Under no circumstance will Signaturit be held responsible for processing data that has not been previously reported or for which the pertinent measures have not been adopted when the controller is a third party, in other words, when Signaturit is acting as data processor although it must fulfil its own obligations and responsibilities as established in data protection regulations.

Signaturit will, likewise, collaborate with and notify the competent authorities of these kinds of incidents, which are not its responsibility and which may cause damage to both the company and to third parties, at soon as it becomes reliably aware that the damage caused constitutes any kind of illegal activity.

3. Doubts

In the event of any doubt regarding our services, how they work or any clarification and/or complaint that the user may have, they may contact our team at the following e-mail:

Cookies Policy

This website with domain name would like to inform users that we use cookies but that we do not collect customers’ personal data through them.

The purpose of the cookies is to be able to provide the user with an excellent browsing experience and improve the services that you are offered depending on the use you make of the content published in the Signaturit solution and on the website, to monitor the services and/or products viewed, or to review user access to the different sections on the site.

1. General Information

1.1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files saved on users and/or customers’ mobile devices or computer equipment that are used by this website, the digital signature solution or the blog associated with this website.

The main objective of cookies is to determine your browsing preferences. Through them, your preferences are assessed and used as indicators for improving the service offer for users and/or customers.

Cookies may be own cookies or third-party cookies. In order to understand them, we must be familiar with the following definitions:

Third-party cookies: they are managed by other companies and installed from their equipment and/or domains on the terminal although they are used by the owner of this website, the solution or the blog.

Own cookies: they are managed by the owner of this website and installed onto the user’s terminal from our equipment.

1.2. What cookies are used by Signaturit?

The chart below includes the details, purpose, type and classes of cookies implemented on or in the Signaturit website, blog and solution.

1.2.1. Types of cookies on the website

Platform Name of Cookie Description / Purpose Expiry
Web sg-cookie-disclaimer Oversees when the user has accepted the privacy policy. 1 year
Platform Name of Cookie Description / Purpose Expiry
Google _dc_gtm_UA-61329482-1 Analytics 1 year
_ga 2 years
_gat_UA-61329482-1 1 year
Hubspot _hssc Analytics 1 day
_hssrc At the end of the session
_hstc 2 years
hsfirstvisit 10 years
hubspotutk User identification 10 years
Optimizely optimizelyBuckets Saves page variations for A/B tests 10 years
optimizelyEndUserId User identification 10 years
optimizelyPendingLogEvents Saves user activity 1 day
optimizelySegments Stores segmentation activity for the user 10 years

1.2.2. Types of cookies in the blog

Platform Name of Cookie Description / Purpose Expiry
They do not exist
Platform Name of Cookie Description / Purpose Expiry
Google _ga Analytics 2 years
_gat 1 day
NID 6 months
Hubspot __hssc Analytics 1 day
__hssrc At the end of the session
__hstc 2 years
hsPagesViewedThisSession At the end of the session
hsfirstvisit 10 years
hubspotutk User identification 10 years
Linkedin bcookie Analytics 2 years
bscookie 2 years
L1e At the end of the session
lidc 1 day

1.2.3. Types of cookies in the digital signature solution

Platform Name of Cookie Description / Purpose Expiry
App io Oversees real-time communication with the browser At the end of the session
PHPSESSID User identification on the platform At the end of the session
hl Stores the user language 1 year
Platform Name of Cookie Description / Purpose Expiry
Google _dc_gtm_UA-61329482-1 Analytics 1 day
_dc_gtm_UA-61329482-3 1 day
_ga 2 years
NID 6 months
Hotjar _hjIncludedInSample Analytics At the end of the session
Inspectlet __cfduid Analytics 1 year
__insp_norec_sess 1 year
__insp_nv 1 year
__insp_ref 1 year
__insp_slim 1 year
__insp_targlpt 1 year
__insp_targlpu 1 year
__insp_wid 1 year
Mixpanel mp_mixpanel__c Analiticas 1 day
mp_ad2f9703107d9414836974ff5b9e66ee_mixpanel 1 year
Optimizely optimizelyBuckets Saves page variations for A/B tests 10 years
optimizelyEndUserId User identification 10 years
optimizelyPendingLogEvents Saves user activity 1 day
optimizelySegments Stores segmentation activity for the user 10 años

1.2.4. Types of cookies on the API documentation page

Platform Name of Cookie Description / Purpose Expiry
Docs sg-cookie-disclaimer Oversees when the user has accepted the privacy policy. 1 year
Platform Name of Cookie Description / Purpose Expiry
Google _ga Analytics 2 years
_gat_UA-61329482-1 1 year
Hubspot __hssc Analytics 1 day
__hssrc At the end of the session
__hstc 2 years
hsfirstvisit 10 years
hubspotutk User identification 10 years

1.3. Acceptance of cookies on the website

Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter LSSICE due to its Spanish initials), in relation to cookies, requires users and/or customers to be informed, prior to the browsing experience on any website, with regard to use, type and purpose of cookies.

For this reason, the owner of this website has implemented an advisory note that is deployed once the user accesses the website, blog and/or digital signature solution, to inform you in advance and comply with this legal requirement.

It is important that the user take into account that there are two options in this initial warning: one shall allow you to access this informative text and the second one that you may use to accept the installation of cookies on your terminal.

In the capacity of user and/or customer, you are informed that if you do not accept the use of cookies in this initial warning and you continue to browse the website, you shall be understood to have given tacit consent regarding the use of cookies described in the above section and, therefore, the requirements of LSSICE have been satisfied.

1.4. How can the user uninstall cookies from their browser?

If the user wishes to uninstall cookies from their own browser, here are some links that they can check depending on the type of browser that they have installed on their terminal.

On Google Chrome
On Safari
On Firefox
On Internet Explorer
On Opera

You are advised that the process of uninstalling cookies from your browser may impede or obstruct access or browsing in certain areas of the website, blog and digital signature solution.

1.5. What cookies do the social media use?

Lastly, the user is advised that the owner of this website, blog and digital signature solution does not administer social media networks or platforms belonging to third parties such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ so Signaturit shall not be held responsible for any cookies installed by these platforms.

As a user and/or customer of the different platforms run by Signaturit, you are obliged to check the cookies and privacy policies for the aforementioned social media, on which Signaturit has a presence, so that you are aware and familiar with the type of cookies that they use and their purposes and decide whether to accept or reject them.

Cookies used by Facebook
Cookies used by Twitter
Cookies used by Linkedin
Cookies used by Facebook
Cookies used by Google