Legal Disclaimer

1. General Information

1.1. Who is behind this website?

Behind the website at the domain and the blog associated with the same is the company Signaturit SOLUTIONS, S.L., a company that aims to provide users with a top solution for requesting and receiving digital signatures from any device —meaning that users do not have to access external platforms or install applications— along with e-mail certification, amongst other services described on the website. Hereinafter, we will refer to the owner of this platform as “the company” or “Signaturit”.

The business and contact details for the website owner are as follows:

Signaturit Solutions, S.L.
Corporate tax registration no.: B-66024167
Calle Àvila, 29
08005 Barcelona
P: (34) 93 551 14 80

The company is registered on the Barcelona Trade Register at Volume 42871, Folio 99, Book 0, Sheet 416879.

The aforementioned company owns the industrial and intellectual property rights for the application associated with Signaturit, both at programming and design level, and has the required licences and permissions, where applicable, from third parties who may have an industrial or intellectual property right in this regard.

With respect to data protection, the company has declared any files related to the processing of customers’ personal data, collected via the website or directly, to the Spanish Department of Data Protection in compliance with the legal requirements contained in the Spanish Law on Data Protection (LOPD).

Registered trademark

The owner of this platform has registered and is, therefore, the owner of the brand Signaturit, registered with the European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) under no. 013873641, and the Signaturit slogan “Sign anywhere, anytime”, also registered with the OHIM under no. 014608202.

The website is associated with the domain, which also belongs to the owner of this website.

1.2. What is offered on this website?

This website aims to present Signaturit’s products and services so that the user, customer or potential customer can see possible solutions available in relation to digital signatures —but going beyond simple digital signatures— while browsing the website.

Signaturit also provides a digital-signature solution that is legally valid and complies with latest regulations both in the European Union (910/2014) and the United States (E-SIGN Act).

1.3. What is the aim of this disclaimer?

This disclaimer intends to inform users about who is behind this platform and explain what kind of information is collected regarding them and why it is needed.

Other legal texts such as the privacy policy and conditions of hire, which supplement this disclaimer, are also made available to the user along with this text.

1.4. How to contact the parties responsible for this website.

Any user may contact the Signaturit team at the above address or, preferably, via e-mail to:

They may also convey or send their queries or comments via the different communications channels found on the website, blog, contact form or telephone or also on Signaturit’s social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

1.5. Types of website users and types of users for our platform

On the one hand, there will be the type of website user that visits and/or browses the site to get information on the services we provide and conditions, who may likewise contact us for the information they need, amongst others. This user shall be identified as a “visitor”.

On the other hand, our platform has two types of users who use it for signing and/or sending documents and for certifying e-mails, amongst other services that our website presents and/or provides information on.

Thus, in the first place, there will be the user who issues information or documentation over our platform and must accept our privacy policy in this regard and the conditions of hire depending on the services used and shall also be subject to the provisions of the general part and express indications in this legal disclaimer.

This user shall be identified in the different legal policies that apply to the service as a Signaturit or platform customer. Users must be registered to use our platform in this regard.

Secondly, there will be the recipient or end user for the information or documentation sent by the customer or issuing user, who must also accept the privacy policy and conditions of use applicable to them for using our platform. This type of user does not have to be registered on the platform. But they must accept the conditions.

In order to better understand our legal policies, when the copy simply says “user”, we shall be understood to be referring to all the types of users described in this point and that the conditions established for users shall apply to all of them.

1.6. Scenarios that may occur in relation to data processing

Complying with the provisions of data protection regulations, we must clarify that use of this platform may lead to different situations:

Firstly, whoever registers on the platform and issues documentation to a recipient through it may be a natural person and the recipient may also be a natural person.

If a natural person sends something to another natural person, they must take into account that the owner of this platform, in other words, Signaturit shall be responsible for processing their data, and this information is also included in the corresponding privacy policy.

Secondly, whoever uses the platform to send documentation or dispatches to a third party, may be a legal entity and the third party may be a natural person. In this case, the user —legal entity— shall be responsible for processing the data of the latter users and must inform the end users about that data processing and the latter may validate it through the pertinent mechanisms.

Nonetheless, in this case, Signaturit shall continue to be responsible for data processing with regard to the processing indicated here, in other words, for the purposes contained in these disclaimers and in the additional texts that supplement them, by virtue of which Signaturit may also make use of information on these users.

In other words, Signaturit shall be considered the data controller due to providing the services it offers users over its platform but it shall also be responsible for files on end users with regard to the use it makes of this data, in accordance with the purposes established in our privacy policy and conditions of use or hire.

Thirdly, when the recipient is a legal entity, regardless of whether the issuing user is a natural person or legal entity, data processing rules applicable by virtue of data protection regulations shall not apply but the user may learn about the use of their data according to the provisions of these policies.

2. Working

2.1. What should you do to use this platform or our solutions?

You do not need to register to browse the website. However, you do to use Signaturit solutions as a customer or issuing user. In this event, the customer user must register via e-mail, validate themselves via their Google+ or LinkedIn social media profile and accept the conditions of hire and privacy policy.

Four types of plan are available to the customer or issuing user: a free, personal plan; a professional plan with a 14-day trial period; a business plan also with a 14-day trial period; and a tailor-made enterprise plan. Depending on what they choose, the conditions of hire will contain all the details and conditions that apply to each of them.

Depending on the plan chosen, they will have more or less access to our platform’s functionalities or services, including the incorporation of personalised templates for sending documents, own branding, advanced authentication, and even analytics and integration of the API.

2.2. What conditions of use apply to this website?

2.2.1. General factors:

Anyone who accesses and browses this website is a user of the same. This implies acceptance of the conditions of use for this website, listed in all the legal policies and notes in relation to data protection, intellectual property, security measures and competent jurisdiction, amongst others.

By accessing this website and blog, the user assumes any risks that may occur on your own behalf and at your own risk. Thus, you must be responsible for using appropriate means to avoid controllable risks concerning yourself or your person.

As a user, you must carefully read the legal disclaimer every time you propose to use the website as it may be amended and, therefore, you shall be subject to and must take into account any new provisions.

In addition to these conditions of use, the rest of the rules governing this website must also be respected at all times as they regulate all user rights and duties for better protection of the same. In particular, if the user becomes a Signaturit customer by hiring any of its services, you must accept the conditions of hire.

2.2.2. What rights do users have?

As a user, you are entitled to browse the website and may comfortably perform transactions over it or through the solution where you have hired it, following the steps established for doing so and subject to the rules contained in the applicable disclaimers on the website.

As a user, you are entitled to have your queries or comments answered and to exercise your rights, following the procedures set out for the same on this website.

You are entitled to have your data processed with respect and maximum privacy, to which end there is a suitable data protection policy.

2.2.3. What prohibitions are there for users?

You cannot take advantage of your status of user or customer to access information that you are not entitled to, regarding services offered on this site or regarding users, where applicable, or for unauthorised or illegal use that may cause any type of harm to either the owner of this website or a third party or user.

Any type of link to or from any defamatory, pornographic, racist or any other site that offers false information or may harm this website or blog and/or any of the professionals or collaborators that work with or for it through the use of this website or the Signaturit solution is prohibited.

Under no circumstance may you delete, alter, elude or manipulate any protective device or security system that may be installed in the Signaturit solution or website to commit any crime or fraud or to infringe on the intellectual property rights, privacy or confidentiality of the users of the platform or its owner.

2.2.4. What rights does the owner have?

The owner of this website is entitled to process user data according to the provisions in these disclaimers and the corresponding privacy policy, using this information to deal with your queries and/or requests and taking all the legally appropriate measures to provide the service effectively and receive payment in a suitable manner.

The owner of this website may publish articles and recommendations aimed at improving and solving customer requirements but, under no circumstance, shall it be held responsible for damage caused based on decisions taken on account of the content published on this site or in the blog as tips, recommendations, proposals as they are produced as such and, consequently, should not be taken as instructions or similar.

Thus, even if recommendations are published by experts in a certain area regarding certain issues, that does not mean that the customer does not require direct advice from a professional, where applicable, who may personalise or adapt things to your specific needs.

2.3. What conditions of hire are applicable?

To hire the Signaturit solution, the customer must read, understand and accept the corresponding conditions of hire, where you shall be informed about the entire process, prices and formalisation of the purchase made.

A privacy policy and conditions of use have been specifically established for users who are not customers but recipients or end-users of the information or documentation and these shall apply to them.

2.4. When are third-party conditions applicable?

If our solutions are used by a third party to provide certain services to the user, in other words, Signaturit solutions are sub-contracted, the user must be sure they are familiar with the conditions that are applicable to them by virtue of this provision of services by the main provider.

For the cases mentioned in the above paragraph, Signaturit shall become the data controller and undertake to adopt all applicable security measures, which our company and our solutions already use, in any case, as we are adapted to high-level security standards in the area of data protection and our equipment entails the highest security measures and software protection.

3. Content, Industrial and Intellectual Property Policy

3.1. Type of content on the website and blog

The website contains the following content: descriptions of services and products, of the business, and also of characteristics and prices – all intended to show their proximity, reliability and transparency.

The blog contains up-to-the-minute content relating to solutions provided by Signaturit, current issues relating to the sector and/or technology, written by the Signaturit team or third parties that have authorised their publication. If there are links to third-party pages, there shall be a disclaimer that the pertinent authorisation has been given, unless the links go to news, in which case, the author and the source shall be given whenever available or accessible.

3.1.1. Intellectual property policy

The intellectual property policy is applicable to this website, the associated blog, and any content or materials disseminated over these platforms, along with any newsletters that the user or customer has subscribed to, where applicable.

All of the content and graphics (images, sound, text, logos, videos, software or source code...) belong to the owner of this website or to third parties who have authorised the use of the same and are, thus, protected by the current Spanish Law on Intellectual Property.

In this way, anything generated with regard to content, articles, news, videos or information has been created by the Signaturit team or by third parties who have provided authorisation and transferred their rights so that the same can be used.

3.1.2. User limitations with regard to access and use of content

Access to intellectual property content by the user and/or customer does not transfer any right to the same. In this regard, the use they make of this information and content may only be private (for private use) and any use or copy of the same by users, or other that may be included in the future, must be in accordance with the legal policies and provisions established herein, with legal limitations being respected in all events.

The following are specifically prohibited:

The reproduction, transformation, distribution, public announcement, public transmission or any other use of the content of this site and blog without written consent from the respective owners.

Nor may links be created to this website and/or blog without consent from their owner and, where applicable, links shall only be to the home page.

No links to other pages, framing or any other similar link to this site is allowed without express consent from Signaturit. All authorised links, in any case, shall always be to the home page for

If you would like to request permission to use or publish any content from the website or blog, you may contact the company via any of the means stated in point 1.4 of this disclaimer.

3.1.3. Authorisations and permissions

As a user or customer, you may view website and blog items and even print, copy and store them on the hard disk of your computer or any other physical media, whenever this is solely and exclusively for your own personal and private use. Therefore, any use for commercial purposes, or distribution, modification, change or decompilation of the same is prohibited.

Nonetheless and as an exception to point 2 above, users may mention or quote articles published on the website or in the blog on social media by "tweeting, retweeting, sharing, blogging” or similar actions as long as they respect ownership or mention the people indicated in the corresponding articles or content.

3.2. With regard to the software for this website and its design

The owner of this website holds the permissions and licences for use of this website and the rights in relation to its design. Any use of the programming, software or design code by users is not allowed and they shall be held responsible for any fraudulent use or use that contravenes the rights of the website owner or of third parties.

Under no circumstance may the user extract, manipulate, copy, compile or decompile any item that forms part of the website or blog for purposes other than or not included in the object of this provision or sale and purchase of products and services by users of the same, and legal actions may be brought against them if any action is detected in this regard.

3.3. With regard to the corporate identity or brand

As a user or customer, you may not use the Signaturit brand, domain name, slogan or any item that forms part of the former’s corporate identity, without requesting express permission from the owner of this platform.

For their part, the brands that appear on the Signaturit website have given authorisation to be included on this corporate website although they belong to their legitimate owners. If there is any company that does not wish their brand or company to appear although they had initially authorised this, please contact the owner of the platform via the channels specified in this text.

3.4. Additional rules

For anything not included in these provisions, we shall adhere to the provisions of applicable regulations on industrial and intellectual property.


4.1 Responsibility regarding accessing the website

The user shall be solely responsible for accessing this website, regarding both the way they access it and the information provided, and also the security they use when browsing it.

For its part, the owner of the website undertakes to make its greatest and best efforts, insofar as is reasonably possible, to avoid errors in the content published on the website or in the blog and offer a constant and permanent service through it.

We shall review and update the information published on the website but we cannot guarantee that it shall all be completely correct as there may be typos or inaccurate or incomplete information for any justifiable reason. In this regard, we cannot be held responsible for this kind of error or imprecision, or for any temporary suspension, breakdown or technical error that may affect the services or products offered in the solution or presented in the blog, provoked for reasons that are beyond the control of the company that owns the website, by viruses or lack of software security caused by third parties, or due to illegal or disrespectful actions by users.

Nor shall we be held responsible for the content and/or updating of links published on this website or for the information indexed on the same relating to other websites or other companies linked to content search criteria within the user’s profile, where applicable.

4.2 Responsibility in relation to services provided

We cannot be held responsible, under any circumstance, for the following situations, amongst others: (i) for errors relating to the description of the information (including information regarding prices, availability or other content); (ii) for the security measures that the user should implement to protect their log-in password and the content of their private profile and also security measures to apply depending on the type of data entered on the platform; (iii) for any erroneous use of their account, including inappropriate activity performed by a third party; (iv) for data processing that may be performed by other possible data controllers, in accordance with the provisions of this disclaimer and the privacy policy.

4.3. Responsibility in relation to service errors

In general, neither the platform or its owner are answerable for technical errors on the platform and/or the lack of an internet service: (i) due to actions or errors by third parties and/or (ii) caused by us when the incident is resolved and/or we act diligently.

Nor shall we be held answerable if, as a consequence of the aforementioned technical errors, the provision, execution and/or results of services hired from third parties by the users or customers are affected.

4.4. Links to third-party websites

Signaturit shall not be held responsible for websites other than its own or that belong to third parties and are accessed via links on or accessible via this website or blog or through any content made available by third parties through the website or blog, where applicable.

In any case, any link or access to a third-party website shall be used at the user’s own free will and sole risk. The owner of this website does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained through a third-party link and we shall not be held responsible for any loss, complaint or damage derived from the use or misuse of these links or from the information obtained through them or the consequences derived from accessing these sites or links.

4.5. Blameless when the service is provided by third parties

If a third party uses Signaturit services to provide a service to its own customers, it must make sure to provide the necessary information regarding conditions that are applicable to these third parties and also have express and/or written consent when required by regulations.

In this way, the third-party service provider shall be held responsible for informing the user about the conditions of use, specific conditions of hire for these services and also the privacy policy that shall apply to them and for getting their due consent.

Under no circumstance shall Signaturit be held responsible because this customer owner or provider has not duly informed the customer or due to any error in the provision of the services by the provider, and we shall solely be responsible for errors relating to the working, platform security or compliance with security measures as the provider’s data processor or for functions where we do act as data controller but in relation to our own data processing reported in all of our legal disclaimers.

5. Other applicable general rules

5.1. Right to amend this disclaimer

The owner of this website reserves the right to amend this disclaimer to adapt it to new legislation or legalities that may arise or be published and also to make any opportune amendments in accordance with industry or business practices.

In these cases, there shall be sufficient prior warning on the website or blog about the changes that are going to be made to policies, indicating when they are expected to come into full effect, without this affecting the conditions for services hired previously, to which the previous conditions shall still apply.

5.2. Regulations applicable to this website

Each and every part of the legal policies and texts associated with this website are governed by Spanish legislation, including: Spanish Law 34/2002, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, Spanish Law 7/1998 on General Conditions of Hire, Spanish Law 26/1984 on the Protection of Consumers and Users, Spanish Law 7/1996 on Regulating Retail Trade and any legal provisions that are applicable.

5.4. Exclusions from the website’s legal policy

This legal policy only affects the information published and the data processed based on this website and blog. Under no circumstance do the conditions established herein have to be related to the company policies so they refer to the provision of services and also the way in which the same are provided by the owner, as the conditions of service must be established in each case and depending on the same.

5.5. Competent jurisdiction

If any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation or application of these conditions or disclaimer, the courts that, where applicable, shall hear the case shall be those that are decided by applicable legislation in the area of competent jurisdiction.

In any case, if the user is the end consumer, the competent courts shall be those that correspond to their address. In the case of legal entities, the parties shall submit to the courts of Barcelona.

5.6. Extrajudicial solution for disputes regarding services offered online

In compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 21 May 2013, as of 15 February 2016, the user or customer may submit a dispute or file an extrajudicial complaint that they consider generated by virtue of our platform or of the services provided online, using the alternative mechanism for consumers and traders found at the following link:

Through this, you may access alternative dispute resolution bodies with quality procedures established for the same.

This multilingual platform is designed to be accessible to everyone and works as follows:

  1. You must complete an online complaint form and send it through the platform itself

  2. The complaint shall go to the seller who shall propose an alternative resolution body for the dispute according to the specific case

  3. Once the mediation body is agreed, it shall receive the complaint and deal with the case digitally, proposing a resolution within a period of 90 days.

5.7. What other legal policies are this disclaimer and the user subject to?

El presente aviso legal se complementa con el resto de políticas legales establecidas en la página web ya comentadas a lo largo de este aviso, como la

This legal disclaimer is supplemented by the other legal policies on the website that have been mentioned throughout this disclaimer, such as the privacy policy and the conditions of hire applicable to customers, conditions of use and privacy policy for end users, in addition to any other that it may be necessary to add, following the provisions of applicable legislation at all times, to look after the interests of Signaturit users and customers, providing them with the greatest guarantee and transparency.