Electronic signature portal and contract preparation automation

SIGN-BOOK is an online portal, aimed at SMEs and professionals, that facilitates the use of electronic signatures immediately, without any investment in software or hardware. In addition, it offers the ability to integrate processes for the preparation of contracts, based on file exchange, via SFTP.


Electronic signature function

SIGN-BOOK offers 2 types of Signaturit electronic signatures:

  • Advanced biometric electronic signature: The recipient signs the document by drawing their signature + OTP code option: the recipient enters a one-time password received via SMS to validate the signing process.
  • Advanced electronic signature with certificate: The recipient signs using its digital certificate.

Both signatures are completely legal, ensure the integrity of the signed document, and unequivocally identify the signer.

Use cases
Any contract or document that can be signed by one or more parties.


Certified delivery function

How does it work?
To certify the integrity, sending, and opening of emails and attachments. It is equivalent to the traditional registered mail service.

Use cases
Notifications for clients, employees, or shareholders, claims for fees or overdrafts, calls for owners’ meetings, meeting minutes, invoices, etc.

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Software type

Electronic signature portal


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Electronic signature
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