Credit risk analysis: Speed up financing processes for SMEs and freelancers

Minimise the risks associated credit-related financial operations.

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What is a credit risk?

  • The risk departments of financial entities need to be fast and swift when it comes to efficiently granting credit.
  • IvRM’s digital certificate allows entities to access the required information related to more than than 9,000 public bodiesfrom individuals or companies through their prior consent and in real time
  • Provides reliable information from the Public Administration,accelerating the financial processes for SMEs and freelancers.
  • The IvRM patent registration procedure has now been initiated at the EPO. Ivnosys has now obtained the International Patent Application Publication at the WIPO (exp.PCT/EP2021/075387) which grants it a right of priority (or "patent pending") over any other manufacturer of the same or similar solution.

How does IvRM work?

Financing request

The interested party (SME or freelancer) can request a loan or credit from their bank or account.

Consult Public Administrations

Through IvRM, the entity compiles the documentation from the interested party and consults with the Public Administration in real time.

Risk Analysis

IvRM analyses the data and generates a report that will help the entity make decisions regarding the operation.

Advantages of using our IvRM credit risk analysis software

Accelerates the risk analysis process and speeds up SMEs’ and freelancers’ access to financing.

Gather data on the company requesting credit in real time

Digitally collect the necessary data using a Digital Certificate

Access the information source directly with the Public Administration.

A faster risk analysis means fewer costs for the banking entity

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