Signaturit, qui sommes-nous ? Notre contribution à l'objectif de transformation numérique.

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Nous souhaitons devenir une référence dans la prestation de services de confiance en Europe avec un double objectif : contribuer à la transformation numérique que les entreprises européennes requièrent pour continuer à être compétitives et jouer un rôle fondamental dans la suppression des barrières électroniques transfrontalières dans l’Union Européenne.

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Signaturit dans les médias

  • The tech analysis and opinion site Akuaro World interviewed Juan Zamora, co-founder and CEO at Signaturit, to get more insights about the company and its future projects. The site highlights that Signaturit has consolidated itself as the most intuitive eSiganture solution in less than a year.

  • 23 NOV 2017 - IBERIAN LAWYER

    Rewarding success

    The trade publication Iberian Lawyer ran a feature on Rousaud Costas Duran and their focus on innovation within the law sector. Their managing partner, Adolf Rousaud, highlighted their collaboration with Signaturit as a part of their commitment to bring tech into their practice

  • The Startup Network interviewed Juan Zamora, our CEO, on how Signaturt is helping counter security and privacy-related threats by allowing digital transactions to be carried out in a secure and compliant way

  • EU Startups run a long feature on all things Signaturit, including our value proposition and our most recent developments as a tech company

  • The influential news outlet referred to our second funding round, by which the likes of Banco Sabadell, Nero Ventures, and Faraday Venture Partners put their trust in Signaturit alongside other investors

  • Technology can help us a lot in the company. Today we will review various solutions to improve productivity that are probably unknown to you.

  • The Spain Startup South Summit conference recently took place in Madrid, where fledgling companies from a variety of industries mixed with investment groups and startup accelerators. ZDNet looks at some of the brightest tech startups on show.

  • This week's startup is Signaturit, which is claimed to be the first e-signature solution to comply with the EU requirements for an 'advanced electronic signatures' managed through any email client by allowing a fully legally binding, handwritten electronic signature through the likes of Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

  • 24 JUN 2014 - Programmableweb

    Signaturit Offers Convenient e-Signature Method

    There's an easy way to handle electronic signatures. Signaturit divides the process in two: sending a document for someone to sign, and signing it/returning it.

  • Email may have revolutionized business communication, but if you need a signature on a contract or business document in most cases you still have to send it through the post or use a cumbersome e-signature app.

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