Digitally sign employment contracts without printing paper

Digitize signatures on contracts so that your suppliers can sign them from anywhere

More than 2,500 companies already trust us

Reduce paperwork and make it easier for your employees to sign remotely

Speed and efficiency in signing employment contracts

Make it easier for your employees to sign employment contracts or documents, at any time or place, safely and legally. They will save time by avoiding travel or print paper, and you will save time managing the signature and onboarding process.

Automation of employment management processes

Use electronic signatures, with biometrics or digital certificates, and certified emails to streamline the personnel selection and employment and termination processes. You will also have digitized versions of employee labour files, accessible at all times.

Maximum legality and data protection

Greater legal coverage if there are disagreements, and reducing the risk of people outside the department accessing private data. Remember that digitized information is more secure than documents that are archived on paper.

"Mi solicitud fue atendida muy rápidamente. Realmente se agradece tanta prontitud, ya que estábamos pasando por momentos estresantes y temíamos no poder firmar a tiempo para la venta. Así que aquí estamos, ¡tranquilos! Muy buen servicio."

"Signaturit nos hace más eficientes, ahorrado tiempo en nuestros procesos de gestión de personas a la vez que nos da seguridad jurídica en los mismos. Así mismo, mediante el uso de signaturit potenciamos nuestra política de cero papel que es uno de los componentes de nuestra RSC"

Alejandra Sainz Sánchez-Capuchino

Técnico senior RRLL de Ouigo


In facility service companies, 70% of contracts sent using Signaturit are signed on the same day.

Our Facility Services solutions

Electronic signatures - with biometrics or digital certificates

  • Employment offers.
  • Temporary or permanent employment contracts.
  • Personal data protection contracts.
  • Documentation for equipment and work material delivery.
  • Other.
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Certified email

  • Certified delivery of the employment contract.
  • Notifications with acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Notice of dismissal.
  • Other.
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Electronic identification

  • Employee identity authentication for accessing the employee portal.
  • On candidates in a selection process.
  • On workers with temporary contracts.
  • Other.
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Easy integration with any CRM or ERP

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