Signaturit and Amazon Web Services

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Working together to digitise and streamline contract signature and communication processes, with full legal and security guarantees.

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How Signaturit uses the AWS cloud services

Backup and data protection

Signaturit uses the AWS Cloud technology to gain cloud-scale automated security. Signaturit is fully supported by AWS, backing up data every second by using backup snapshots that guarantee full, long-term security storage for our clients.

Guaranteed platform stability

Signaturit operates in 2 separate AWS Regions to fully guarantee stability and availability on our systems. AWS infrastructure regions meet the standards of security, compliance, and data protection that a world-wide on-demand SaaS company as Signaturit needs.

Full availability service

Each AWS Region consists of multiple and physically separate Availability Zones within a geographic area. Signaturit runs across 3 AWS Availability Zones in each Region. AWS Availability Zones have independent power, cooling, and physical security system and are connected via ultra-low latency redundant networks.

What are the benefits for companies?

Agility and efficiency

Signaturit offers cloud based solutions powered by AWS. This means our customers can access and manage their contract and communication processes online, wherever they are, without having to download an app.

Security and compliance

Signaturit is a Reviewed AWS Partner.
This recognition validates the security of our services against a set of AWS best practices and guarantees its safety and reliability.

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