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Discover how to send a document to sign with Signaturit.

Email sending

To send a document to sign via Signaturit you only need to add at the end of the email address of the signatory. It is as a simple as sending an email.

Advanced features

Apart from the electronic signatures we allow you to capture additional evidences to identify the signers in an unique way.

Advanced authentications

Use this # to ask your signers for an advanced authentication

Email 1

Compose a new email

Attach document 2

Attach the document

Extension signaturit 3

Add at the end of the email address

Use hashtags to use the advanced features 4

Add the hashtag:

Photo validation email

#photo or #photo_ID

You can require the signer to take a picture of himself or his document ID during the signing process, to add another authentication factor.

File validation


You can obtain all the documents you need from the signer during the signing process, adding just one simple step.

Secure send


You can ask to the signer to record some audio or voice to have an additional evidence in the process.

Phone validation


You can add a two-factor authentication by asking the signer to introduce a password before signing the document.

Try it yourself

Send a document and try the hashtags

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