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Discover how to send a document to sign with Signaturit

Send a document to sign

To send a document to sign through Signaturit, the only thing you have to do is add to the end of the email address. As easy as sending an email!

Advanced options

You can send documents to more than one person and specify the number of pages to sign. Learn how our advanced options work!

Advanced authentications

Get more information about the user to be able to identify him/her digitally.

Create a new email 1

Create a new email

Attach a document to sign 2

Attach a document

Extension 3

Add to the end of the email address

Use the # to request more tests 4

Add the hashtag:


Visual authentication

You can request the signer to take a photo or of his/her identity document during the signature process

File validation


Obtain the necessary documentation to complete the registration or request in the same process that the client signs the document


Authentication via SMS

You can add an additional level of security by requesting a code from the signer, that is sent to him/her through SMS

Validation via SMS


You can add an additional authentication factor through a code that the signer will receive on his/her phone.

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