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Use your corporate image in all communications with Signaturit.

  • Custom logo

    Custom logo

    Reinforce your brand´s image by including your company´s logo in your control panel in Signaturit
  • Personalized emails

    Personalized emails

    Personalize your emails to increase confidence and improve the signer´s experience.
  • Personalized templates

    Personalized templates

    Create recurring document templates and upload them to your control panel to send them when you need them.
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Work teams

This functionality is perfect to work in team.

  • Manage documents

    Manage documents

    Maintain all documents in a single account. You and your team can consult them at any time.

  • Work in a team

    Work in a team

    Create work groups by inviting team members to your account who can also manage requesting electronic signatures or sending certified emails.

  • Monitor activity

    Monitor activity

    Assign roles to team members based on the permissions that you want to grant and monitor their activity from the control panel.

Analyze and improve processes

Control the signing and sending processes to improve them.

  • Measure productivity

    Measure productivity

    Track signature requests and certified sendings in real time and control how long the processes take.

  • Analyze data

    Analyze data

    It detects what is slowing down the process of signing and sending certified mails, and designs the necessary actions to change what doesn´t work.

  • Calculate the ROI

    Calculate the ROI

    Calculate the time and costs (paper) that you save with Signaturit compared with the old process of signature requests and document certification

Advanced authentication

4 ways of authentication to validate the signer´s identity

  • Email account

    Email account

    The most basic authentication factor is the email account. The signer must access his/her email to begin the signature process.

  • Codes via SMS

    Codes via SMS

    Send access codes to the signer through SMS messages to ensure that only this person can access the document and sign it.

  • Image and voice capture

    Image and voice capture

    Request that the signer takes a photo of some document to prove his/her identity or make a voice recording as an additional proof of the document´s signature.

  • ID/ passport capture

    ID/ passport capture

    Ask the signer to take a photo of his/her ID or passport. The OCR verification process occurs in the same signing process, automatically.

Sending types

Select the sending type that adapts most to what you need


Certified electronic delivery

Certify the integrity and delivery of your electronic communications - emails, SMS and attached files - through our certified electronic delivery solution.
Certified File

Certified File

It certifies the integrity of the information that any file or document has, through our file certification solution.

Our electronic services are auditable. For all we offer an audit trail that collects the electronic evidences generated during the signature process or certification.

Try our advanced electronic signature

Try our advanced electronic signature

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Signaturit is a company recognised as an Electronic Provider of Trust Services by Spain''s Ministry of Economy and Enterprise and as a Trusted Third Party according to the Law of Information Society Services (LSSI - Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio de Servicios de la Sociedad de Información y Comercio Electrónico).