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Frequently Asked Questions

The electronic signature is a simple, easy and legal way to obtain the consent or approval of documents and electronic forms.

Electronic signatures are legal and contracts signed with the e-signature are recognized as legally binding contracts in most countries around the world, including the United States and all the countries belonging to the European Union. + More information

The electronic signature is safer than the handwritten conventional signature. Signaturit ensures that the documents are managed, signed and delivered to the contracting parties in a secure manner. + More information

Signaturit also generates documentary evidence of the signing process, like keeping record of the emails (both, from the receiver and sender), registering the document’s name, the location, and the exact time when it was signed with a timestamp generated by a TSA – Time Stamp Authority. This stamp acts as a trusted third party, giving full integrity to all the documentation. All this electronic evidence generated by Signaturit provides legal validity to the signing process.

The digital signature is a specific component of the electronic signature. A digital signature requires users to have a digital certification. Digital certificates are a key component of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology and are issued by a certificate authority in order to be used in the digital signing process. This provides a high level of authentication, integrity and security for all sections of the signing process and for all parties involved. Due to the technological demands of the PKI infrastructure, digital signatures are most commonly used in government agencies (ministries and public administrations) and regulated industries. Similarly, pharmaceutical companies use certified signatures that meet the SAFE (Signatures & Authentication For Everyone) BioPharma industry standard.

The electronic signature process used by Signaturit is governed by regulations of the European Union (European Directive 1999/93/EC), the United States (ESIGN 2000 and UETA 1999), the United Kingdom (UK Electronic Communication Act) and other governing member countries of the WTO (World Trade Organization). This guarantees the necessary validity to make the electronic signature via Signaturit legally binding. + More information

Signaturit users have access to a control panel where they can view and control the entire signing process. From this panel, Signaturit users can check the current status of the document (sent, pending signature, signed, etc.), the document signature´s history, a documentary log file and documentary evidence for each operation.

In addition, Signaturit offers automated email alerts that constantly update users regarding the status of their electronic signature application.

Signaturit generates a document that keeps record of the email addresses (from receiver and sender), the document name, the location and exact time when it was signed, even proved with a timestamp generated by a TSA – Time Stamp Authority. This stamp acts as a trusted third party, giving full integrity to all the documentation.

This electronic evidence generated by Signaturit provides legal validity to the signing process.

Electronic timestamps or timestamping, as the process is sometimes called, is an online procedure that ensures certain data exists and has not been altered after a specific point in time. Timestamps certify the identity of the signatory and the exact date and time when the document was signed. To ensure this evidence, timestamps are done by a TSA (Time Stamp Authority), which acts as a trusted third party, declaring the existence and validity of the electronic data at a specific date and time. The timestamp used by Signaturit is internationally recognized, so that it can be used in any country or region.

PDF documents may be signed from smartphones or tablets with Windows Mobile (Microsoft), iOS (Apple) or Android (API 2.3 or higher) operating systems. Signaturit is the only electronic signature solution that does not require the installation of any application on your smartphone or tablet.

Signaturit does not require users to install additional applications to access our services. The signing request is done through your regular email account, without having to go into third-party applications or platforms, and the signatory can sing using its mobile device without any prior installation.

  1. Open a new message in your usual email account(Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail)
  2. Attach the PDF document to be signed to the email.
  3. Add the following extension to the recipient’s address “.“
  4. Click ‘Send’ and the signing process begins.

Signaturit provides the highest level of security and confidentiality. Data access is done through a secure channel that uses HTTPS encryption AES 256-bit and 256 bit SSL encryption.

Signaturit generates documentary evidence that is time-stamped by a certificate authority (TSA). This ensures that all the documents and signatures have not been altered in any way. This documentation includes: email address (both, from receiver and sender), the document´s name, and the location and exact time when it was signed. All this documentation has legal validity in a court of law.

Signaturit and all the documents are hosted on SAS70 Type II facilities, which have obtained the ISO 27001 certification. + More information

Cost reduction

For any organization, estimated costs of each signature on paper represent more than $7 in related inputs and processes, such as paper, printing, signing, scanning, storing and replacing lost documents.


The handwritten signing process usually takes some days. With the electronic signature, it is a matter of mere minutes.

Improved control

Signaturit users have a control panel where they can view and control the entire signing process. This control panel shows the current state of the document (sent, pending signature, signed, etc), the document signatures history, a document track record and supporting documents for each operation.

Improved service and higher customer satisfaction

Because there is no need to install any additional software or application, and due to its extraordinary ease of use, Signaturit offers significantly improved levels of customer satisfaction.


The use of electronic signature makes obsolete the existence of physical documents' archives.


The electronic signature reduces considerably the amount of paper used. 100 signatures on paper are equal to: 285.7 gallons of water, 100 pounds of wood, and 24 pounds of overall waste.