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Company Branding

Customize the tool to match your company’s branding and professional image.

  • custom-logo

    Customize your logo

    Reinforce your company's branding by including your logo to Signaturit's interface. Keep the customer experience under your control to delight your clients.

  • custom-email

    Branded emails

    Increase the signer's confidence by setting up your own email templates so the signature requests look as your regular communications.

  • custom-documents

    Document templates

    Create your own document templates and upload them into Signaturit's dashboard. Don't waste time to send the same documents more than once.

Online Workspace

Invite team members to work together: create and manage users, share templates and manage access to control your team's account.

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  • Organized

    Stay organized

    Keep all the document templates in your account and hold full control over them. You can access them anytime you want.

  • Share

    Share documents

    Invite team members to collaborate in the document and contract management with just a simple click.

  • Limit access

    Manage access

    Set permissions and establish who can access to the company's account and monitor their activity.

Measure & Analyse Data

Analyze your data to better understand your business and processes.

  • Search

    Measure productivity

    Track the entire signing process to make sure that the contracts are signed fast and use the time you can save in those activities that add value to your business.

  • Data analytics

    Data visualization

    Gather and analyze your data to understand what is really happening. Detect any issue inherent with your business procedures that might be delaying the whole process.

  • Create templates

    ROI calculation

    Calculate the time and costs saved up as compared to the previous process. Digitization is key to keep your teams competitive and your business on the right track.

Advanced Authentication

Add multiple authentication levels to increase the number of evidences of the signer's identity.

  • Email-based


    The first factor to authenticate the signer is through his/her email account: the signer will need to log in in order to access the document.

  • Multimedia files

    OTP & Access Codes

    You will be able to send authentication codes to the signer in order for him/her to be allowed to open and sign the documents.

  • Code validation

    Picture & voice

    Ask the signer to capture a picture, upload any required document or do a voice recording in order to complete the transaction.

  • Id validation

    ID / Passport

    You can capture and recognize the identity card or passport of the signer in the same process and automatically.

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