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Company image

Personalize the tool and integrate your corporate image in your Signaturit account

  • Personalized

    Custom logo

    Reinforce the image of your brand including your company´s logo in Signaturit´s electronic signature platform

  • Create your brand


    Increase confidence and improve the experience for those who have to sign documents by setting up your own email templates

  • Create templates

    Document templates

    Create your own document templates and upload them to Signaturit´s control panel to take advantage of them in different sendings

Work teams

Invite team members to collaborate in Signaturit: create and share document templates from the control panel

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  • Organize

    Document management

    Maintain all documents in a single account to access them at any time

  • Share with us your data and we´ll get in contact with you

    Work in team

    Invite all members of your team to your account to collaborate in the creation of document templates

  • Limit access

    Centralize managment

    Establish permissions in your company account and monitor your work team´s activity from the control panel

Analyze and measure results

Analyze the information to have a greater control over your business processes

  • Search

    Measure productivity

    Ensure the formalization of contracts with a real-time follow-up of the entire signature process

  • Data analysis

    Data analysis

    Collect and analyze the data to understand what is happening. It detects what parts of the process can be improved to speed up closing contracts

  • Create templates

    Calculate the ROI

    Calculate the time and costs saved compared with the previous management process. Digitization is key to keep your business competitive

Advanced authentications

Add various levels of authentication to have more evidence of the signer´s identity

  • Email authentication

    Email account

    The first authentication factor is access to the email account. The signer should access his/her email to begin the signature process

  • Multimedia files

    SMS and access codes

    You can send access codes to the document´s recipient through SMS messages to ensure that only this person can access it and sign it

  • OTP validation

    Voice and image capture

    Request the signer to photograph some document that proves his/her identity or make a voice recording as additional proof to the document´s signature

  • ID validation

    ID / Passport

    Capture and identity images of the identification document or passport of the person who signs the document, in the same process and completely automatic.

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