Biometric electronic signature

A secure solution for digital documents

The biometric electronic signature offers a secure and straightforward method for signing digital documents. It leverages unique biometric data from the signature, including speed, acceleration and pressure, to authenticate the signatory and ensure the integrity of the document.

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What is Signaturit Group's biometric electronic signature?

Signaturit Group’s biometric electronic signature emulates the traditional pen-and-paper signing process but digitises it for use on computers, tablets or smartphones. This system collects electronic evidence throughout the entire signing procedure 

Legal validity of our biometric signature software

Signaturit Group’s biometric electronic signature is an advanced electronic signature service, which is legally recognized as a valid electronic signature and admissible as evidence in court.



Advantages of biometric signatures


Each individual's biometric data is unique and non-transferable, ensuring the utmost security of the biometric signature.

Evidentiary value

Once the biometric electronic signature process is completed, we produce a document containing all the electronic evidence which holds evidentiary value in court.  

Ease of use

The biometric signature is designed to be intuitive, ensuring a user-friendly experience for everyone. 

Paperless business

The biometric electronic signature helps to reduce paper consumption, which is beneficial for the environment. 


Biometric signatures enhance productivity by eliminating the traditional steps of printing, signing, scanning and storing physical documents, thereby saving time. 


The biometric electronic signature is user-friendly. Anyone can sign a digital document with it from their own device anytime, anywhere. 

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